Cos-play gone wild? Video games that draw blood? A satire street-drama about our obsession with sports, especially at major colleges and State Universities? You decide.


Independent scholar Joel Hunter, formerly of Arizona State University’s Barrett Honors College, has launched a new venture called ‘Hogwarts Preparatory Academy.’ This will certainly interest HogPro readers because it features this Potter Pundit of note’s reflections not only on the Hogwarts Saga but also popular story. This week, for example, he reviewed the filmĀ ’Whisper of the Heart.’ Check it out!

Dr Hunter has also ventured into guiding students online with success in an Honors Seminar. That happens at his name website — Read more about these tutorials — ‘Mastering the Human Event’ — here.

Elizabeth Baird-Hardy and I have both been to Arizona State during Prof Hunter’s tenure there and I had the pleasure of catching up with him at St Andrews University at the Potter Conference in 2012. His talk then on the Proppian analysis of Harry Potter using fairy tale elements was a highlight and is a featured piece in the paper collection from that conference that is about to be published. More on that in the coming weeks!


Joanne Rowling’s Testimony About Intrusive Press (2011)

by John 21 October 2014

Share This is important background information for the treatment of reporters in both the Hogwarts Saga and the Cormoran Strike novels. Ms Rowling’s anger and sense of violation is right out there — and seeing this video of her testimony has made me take much more seriously the possibility that her story take-down of a [...]

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Nicholas Carr: The Glass Cage — Automation and Us

by John 21 October 2014

Share Nicholas Carr’s book The Shallows is the most important book I’ve read this century. That’s a recommendation. Though I disagree with his premise that Gutenberg-brain is the optimal human state (it’s remarkably deficient in wisdom and risibly confident in rationalist givens), his is the clearest voice of alarm about the changes occurring in our [...]

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Carson Newman: On Truth, Beauty, and Why Reading Matters

by John 20 October 2014

Share I spoke last Thursday morning to a packed Baptist Church at Carson-Newman University, just outside Knoxville, Tennessee. It was the third in a series of lectures sponsored by the University for their students on the subject of ‘truth and beauty.’ My spin was about the internet, the central place of story (and reading stories [...]

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MuggleNet Academia at Chestnut Hill College’s Harry Potter Conference: Two Hogwarts Professors in a Rousing Round Table

by John 19 October 2014

Share Louise Freeman and I meet with Karen Wendling, Patrick McCauley, Keith Hawk and Natasha Lei to discuss everything from Hons and Rebels to Aeschylus, Cormoran Strike to Nature Deficit Disorder, and a review of what is fast becoming the best annual gathering of Potter Pundits anywhere, the Chestnut Hill College Harry Potter Conference. It [...]

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The Living, Post 1: Names Do Have Meaning Out Here.

by Louise Freeman 14 October 2014

Share I’ve been wanting for some time to start a series of posts on Matt de la Pena’s The Living, and in light of the increasing concern about ebola– specifically, the sluggish response of a wealthier nations to diseases afflicting poor people of color, not to mention the conspiracy theories already cropping up– the book [...]

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Life Imitates Art: Roots and Apple Day at MBC

by Louise Freeman 7 October 2014

Share Here at Hogpro, you’ve read about a variety of colleges that bear a striking resembles to Hogwarts. However, my home institution, Mary Baldwin College, chooses a Theme for each year. This year’s is “Roots.” I don’t know if whoever designed the celebratory banner, or its red-and-yellow color scheme, knew how close they were to [...]

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It’s Time! Harry Potter Halloween Party Planning Ideas

by John 29 September 2014

Share My parents told me, in front of a group of college friends as I recall, that as a child I began counting down the days to my birthday and Halloween which followed hours later, as soon as October was approaching. As a sugar addict in need of a 12 Step Program back in the [...]

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Mail Bag: Weeks and Weeks of Lov-e-ly Links!

by John 20 September 2014

Share Please accept my apologies for the long absence from blogging. Look for my fall speaking schedule here in the days to come! I do get the greatest mail from friends and readers, which I feel obliged to share. Make the jump to find your way to JRRT’s talk in Rotterdam to Hobbit fans (1958), [...]

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