I am glad Ms. Rowling’s words could bring comfort to this brave young lady in her time of grief. She gets my vote for Fan of the Year.

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Hat tip to Ideal James!


Louise’s Predictons for Future Cormoran Strike books

by Louise Freeman 1 July 2014

Share After finishing The Silkworm, and re-reading The Cuckoo’s Calling, one thing is clear:  there are a million different directions this series could go.  Between Cormoran’s extended and largely dysfunctional family, the assorted supporting characters we’ve met and the tantalizing hints dropped about both the protagonists’ histories, there remain enough questions to fill up the [...]

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The Silkworm 2: Shades of and Keys to The Hogwarts Saga?

by John 29 June 2014

Share Spoiler alert:  Don’t read this if you haven’t read The Silkworm and if you want to read it without having had key plot points revealed to you beforehand. I’m guessing that it’s safe to assume that most readers of the Cormoran Strike mysteries are readers of the Harry Potter novels as well and that they [...]

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“Panem Today, Panem Tomorrow, and Panem Forever”

by Louise Freeman 26 June 2014

Share Read about the commercial that is a kind of film trailer here. Cue John’s Alchemical Analysis in 5…4…3…2…

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The Red Hen Returns — with a Remarkable Potter Tarot!

by John 25 June 2014

Share Joyce Odell, also known as The Red Hen, is a Potter Pundit of the first order, who, for reasons of her own, all but disappeared from Harry Potter fandom after the publication of Deathly Hallows. Which was a real loss. Those of us who recall the years between the appearances of Order of the [...]

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Silkworm 1: Kathryn Kent’s Plot/Narrative Distinction

by John 24 June 2014

Share Spoiler alert:  Don’t read this if you haven’t read The Silkworm and want to read it without having key points revealed to you before hand. In chapter 10 of The Silkworm, Robin and Cormoran are in his office reading the weBlog of the red-headed writer-wanna-be named Kathryn Kent. Ms Kent is supposedly the mistress [...]

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Stephen Colbert Defines Young Adult Fiction

by Louise Freeman 24 June 2014

Share See time point 2:20 on this video in his interview with John Green.

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“Do You Want to Read My Blog Post?” Of Course, You Do! Seven Keys to Why Disney’s ‘Frozen’ is (still) Red Hot

by Elizabeth 23 June 2014

Share A few weeks ago, our esteemed headmaster and a friend of this blog both consulted me in their puzzlement over the popularity juggernaut that is Disney’s Frozen. Rather than fading, the film continues to dazzle, with an ice show and Broadway productions in the works, connections on the popular show Once Upon A Time, [...]

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Mystery Rowlings Theater 2014

by Louise Freeman 22 June 2014

Share Note:  this was originally a comment to John’s first Silkworm post.  Per our Headmaster’s request, I am hastily re-posting as a bona fide post, posthaste.  Spoilers for The Cuckoo’s Calling and the first 12 chapters of The Silkwood below the jump. I had had the good intentions to re-read The Cuckoo’s Calling before starting [...]

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