Guest Post: David Martin reveals the Role of Books in the Hogwarts Saga

ShareTweet Tomorrow night MuggleNet Academia’s Keith Hawk and I interview David Martin, Potter Pundit extraordinaire, about a talk he gave at MISTI Con on the role of books inside the Harry Potter novels. David graciously agreed to letting me post his notes from that brilliant talk here so listeners could have a follow-up reference to the […]

New Cormoran Strike Novel Details: Plot, Publishing Dates for ‘Career of Evil’


ShareTweet The plot and publishing dates of J. K. Rowling’s new Cormoran Strike novel, Career of Evil,  were announced today at Robert As predicted in talks I gave at the Chestnut Hill and MISTI-Con gatherings, Career will almost certainly be the book that triggers the tsunami of readers to the series — as Prisoner of Azkaban did for the Hogwarts Saga. […]

Guest Post: MISTI Con 2015! TGTSNBN

ShareTweet Misti-Con 2015 was an awesomely magical event that took place May 21 – 25, 2015 at the Margate Resort in the beautiful lakes region of Laconia, NH.  The Margate was sold out within weeks of the announcement of Misti-Con 2015 in August 2014, which gives tremendous credibility of this fantastical bi-annual Harry Potter conference.  Misti-Con was organized […]

Rowling Confirms Literary Alchemy in PotterMore Post– about Father Figures?

ShareTweet Yes, Yes, I’ve heard! Joanne Rowling is talking about her use of alchemical colors. In a post last week on Pottermore about Father Figures, the Presence herself admits that Rubeus Hagrid and Albus Dumbledore have their names from the alchemical colors red and white. But here’s the thing all the stories in print and online […]

Mailbag: A Harry Potter Interview with a Reporter named Rita (Seriously)

ShareTweet Hello, My name is Rita Cipriano and I work for a Portuguese newspaper called Observador. I am trying to reach Professor John Granger because of an article I am currently working. Can I send the questions to this email? So what would you do if a reporter named ‘Rita’ wrote you a letter with questions about Harry Potter? […]

First issue of Study & Scrutiny now online


ShareTweet The first issue of the new peer-reviewed Young Adult Literature journal, Study & Scrutiny, is now online.  According to the editors, the journal is intended to meet “a need for a new publishing outlet focused on extensive empirical and critical studies around YAL.” I am happy to report that I have an article “Harry […]

Insurgent Movie Strays from Book, but Strangely Satisfies.


ShareTweet I went into the Insurgent film without a lot of high hopes.  I came out quite surprised at how much I liked it, and even more surprised by the reason.  Because it was the same reason that usually has me hating movie adaptations of favorite books.  Because the filmmakers deviated so much from the source material. […]

Mail Bag: Questions from an A-Levels Student in the UK

Stone a

ShareTweet I had the following exchange with a student in the UK about ‘Christian Religion in Harry Potter.’ I have the student’s permission to re-print it here but s/he prefers to remain anonymous. Dear Sir, I am a student studying in England and am currently taking my A-levels. As part of this corse I am taking […]

Call For Proposals– Critical Insights: The Hunger Games


ShareTweet Listen up, Serious Readers of The Hunger Games! Lana Whited, editor of two of the most important collections of critical work on the Hogwarts Saga is now soliciting contributions to a work about Katniss Everdeen’s dystopian adventures. You want to send her a proposal — and you only have until 15 March to get it […]

Shared Text: Jon Stewart Tags Putin as Dark Lord

vladimort 1

ShareTweet Can Russian kleptocrat Vladimir Putin fairly be likened to a certain murderous Heisman Trophy winner in the death of Boris Nemtsov? Or is he really like a certain twisted wizard? (At 4:00 in video.) The murder of Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov, right outside the Kremlin in the heart of Moscow, has prompted a […]