Shared Text: Donald Trump called Voldemort?

AngryTrumpThe Muggle World Daily Prophets are today abuzz over the supposed latest step in the Megyn Kelly/Donald Trump duel, where Ms. Kelly allegedly compared the Presidential candidate to the Dark Lord Himself, Voldemort.  However, the headlines seem to me to be a bit misleading, and the writer of this article seems to have missed the point when she concluded, “so the revelation that she referred to him as such an evil character will probably only worsen their feud.”

Voldemort_angryThe actual quote was from Iowa Caucus winner Ted Cruz, who said to Ms. Kelly, “Well, you know, you were joking just before we went on air that it was sort of like Voldemort, He Who Must Not Be Named.”  In that context, it seems that what Ms. Kelly was noting was not Trump’s villainy, but the reluctance of the other candidates to mention him in the last debate. In which case, her remark would have been not so much a dig at Trump, but a jab at the rest of the candidates for their timidity in the face of Trump’s bluster.

Donald-Trump-1I guess it depends on how much of a Potterphile Ms. Kelly is.  And I’ll leave it to John to remark on what it means for a staunch Evangelical candidate to acknowledge familiarity with Harry Potter; I suspect there was a time when that would not have happened.

gilde smileBut anyway, I think the Donald’s trademark coiffure is too much a part of his image for him  to be a truly convincing Voldemort.  Perhaps more of a Gilderoy Lockhart, with his own line of hair care products.

Hat tip to John!

Rickman Tribute: ‘Pride and Severus’ and as Tybalt in ‘Romeo & Juliet’

Does anyone else remember Alan Rickman’s role as Tybalt in the 1978 BBC production of Romeo and Juliet? We had to watch these for a Firehose Shakespeare course I took the spring of my senior year in high school. Professor Snape in tights… Neville could have cast out Boggarts by the dozen with these mental images, no?

What did Jo Rowling Study at University? French? Classics? Both?

This morning I was greeted with a curt correction in a comment box to something I wrote in 2010, ‘Why is the Latin in Harry Potter so Lousy?‘ In that rather lengthy and involved post, I asserted in my conclusion that “Ms. Rowling was a French, not a Classics Major at the University of Exeter.” A reader more familiar than I with life at University in the United Kingdom, a reader with the unfortunate given name of “I am a happy sock,” reports this is not the case.

Um, no, she wasn’t an anything ‘major’ as UK universities don’t work on the American major/minor system. Her degree was equally divided between French and Classics.

This correction is unfortunate in that it, as is too often the case in comment boxes, alas, reduces a rather thoughtful post to a single line, the rest found not worthy of comment. It is unfortunate, too, because it is wrong.

Not in its declaration that UK colleges do not have ‘majors’ and ‘minors’ as American schools do, but in the assertion that Rowling’s degree was “equally divided between French and Classics.” As I have recently discovered, this is not the case. Rowling in 1998 and the University of Exeter Classics Department tell us that the young JKR did not study Latin and Greek as languages at Exeter at all. [Read more…]

Alan Rickman, 1946-2016, Requiescat in Pace

f39080230I have been buried in owls from around the world today, each of which, of course, was about the death of Alan Rickman, the actor who played Severus Snape in the eight Harry Potter movie adaptations. Here is a collection of links from Huffington Post sent by Lynn:

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Matt de la Pena wins Newbery

Last Stop on Market St.Matt de la Pena, whose YA novel The Living was discussed on Hogpro previously, as been awarded the Newbery Medal for his picture book, Last Stop on Market Street. He is the first Hispanic author so honored.  I haven’t read the book yet, but I’ll have to put in on my list.

As well as getting around to reviewing The Living‘s sequel, The Hunted.

Congratulations, Matt!  Score another for the psych majors!