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Tim O’Shea Interviews the Hogwarts Professor

Talking with Tim,’ with the thoughtful Tim O’Shea at the helm, is a website that features interviews with authors and Subject Matter Experts on Pop Culture. The interview Mr. O’Shea did with me a few weeks ago went up this morning and, if you’ve ever wondered about what I think of homeschoolers, when my books are coming out, or how I became the “alchemy guy” about Harry Potter, it’s all in there. I enjoyed my time with Mr. O’Shea tremendously and am pleased with the resulting interview (a real rarity). Your thoughts are coveted, as always!

Are You An Addict? PotterPhiles Show Signs

According to research done at nearby Muhlenberg College (I was not surveyed), up to 10% of serious Harry Potter readers post Deathly Hallows are showing signs of addiction to the series and of withdrawal now that the series is complete. I urge you to read the whole thing, but here are a few of the meatier parts with some Hogwarts Professor comments: [Read more…]

Ayatollah Condemns Harry Potter?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has hit the streets of Tehran and one newspaper at least finds this a very disturbing event. From The Memri Blog:

Iranian Daily: Harry Potter, Billion-Dollar Zionist Project

In an article, the Iranian daily Kayhan, which is identified with Iranian Supreme Leader ‘Ali Khamenei, criticized Iran’s Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry for approving the distribution of the new book in the “Harry Potter” series.

The paper said that “Harry Potter” was a Zionist project in which billions of dollars had been invested in order to disrupt the minds of young people.

Source: Kayhan, Iran, July 26, 2007

Now this is an entirely different brand of Harry Hating, no? A billion dollar Zionist project? Or is it just a different wrapping for the same package? [Read more…]

The Relationship of Alchemy and Christianity

A very good friend sent me a note two days ago from a Christian who had misgivings about what I have written online and in my books about alchemy and its relationship with Christianity. The note said:

“Does it bother you that Granger sees alchemy as totally congruent with Christianity? It strikes me as the reverse. To seek immortal life on earth by restoring the soul to its pre-Adamic state of innocency is to seek salvation apart from Christ and to endeavor to overcome the effects of original sin by means of nature rather than grace. And to create a stone that produces unlimited quantities of gold is to succumb to the vice of greed and would wreck the world’s economy. Right? That’s why I’m troubled that Dumbledore is famous for his work on alchemy with Flamel.”

This is an important relationship to get right so I put down my work updating Unlocking Harry Potter (the alchemy chapters!) to put together a response. Here it is: [Read more…]

A Very Helpful List of Harry Potter Internet Sites

Prof. Philip Nel of Kansas State University has compiled a list of useful Harry Potter Internet Sites for his English 440 class on Harry Potter. I am disappointed that Sword of Gryffindor and didn’t merit a mention but, of course, if you’re reading this, you don’t need to learn about those two sites. And it is a grand list even without us, no?

I post Prof. Nel’s list as a point of information and to ask the All-Pro’s if, in your wanderings about the World Wide Web, you have found other lists we all should know about or other quality sites you think Prof. Nel should add to his excellent collection (besides the ones already in the right hand column in the HogPro links box).

Let us know by writing below!