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Convention Alley 2008: HogPro & Hog’s Head Together!

For those of you thinking about whether to come to Ottawa next month to attend the ‘Harry Potter for Grown-Ups’ Conference (Convention Alley 2008) and who needed just one more reason to sign up and make a room reservation, here are two or three reasons! [Read more…]

Michael Ward on Prince Caspian, Mars, and CSL

Hogs Head Tavern landed an interview with Michael Ward, author of Planet Narnia, when he was in New York earlier this year and it is a WOW event. Of the many articles and reviews of the movie ‘Prince Caspian’ just released by Walden/Disney, all of which discuss the book as an aside or in lengthy comparisons, none of them captures what the book is about as powerfully as does Michael Ward in his answers to Johnny’s excellent questions at the Tavern. [Read more…]

Beedle the Bard Ballad Writing Contest: Vote for Laura, Do it Today, and Tell your Friends!

Hard as it may be to believe, Laura H., a serious reader in California who has enjoyed my books, is a finalist in the “Win a chance to Read Tales of Beedle the Bard Yourself Contest” sponsored by She’s already won the ’18 and Over’ contest.

Your vote could put her over the top! Vote today and canvas your friends! I’ve asked her to introduce herself below. Here’s hoping she wins — and that she’ll share her impressions with us when she gets back from her trip to Beedle-ville.

‘How Harry Cast His Spell’ Available Today

Sort of.

Pre-ordering for the updated and much revised Looking for God in Harry Potter is now possible at

Check out that Golden Cover!

Hogwarts Professor at Convention Alley 2008

There are, believe it or not, five Harry Potter fan conferences this year, six if you include the University of Regina Humanities Research Institute one-day show that happened last week. Convention Alley 2008 (HPfGU) starts the season in Ottawa, Canada, 19-22 June, Portus 2008 (HPEF) will be in Dallas, 10-13 July, Accio 2008 in Oxford, UK, 25-27 July, Terminus 2008 (Narrate) in Chicago 7-11 August, and an as-yet-unnamed conference (Muffliato 2008?) closes out the year at Northern Illinois University 14-16 November. I couldn’t confirm dates or place for the Australian conference, Snidget 2008.

Each of these gatherings has its virtues and failings according to any individual’s tastes; only one will have the virtue (or failing) of featuring the Hogwarts Professor as a Featured Speaker. [Read more…]