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You Can Buy ‘Beedle the Bard’ for $100!

In a hardback, ribbed spine, collector’s edition available only At Thank you, Dr. Sturgis, for the news. There is also a “standard edition” in paperback going on sale 4 December 2008 for $7.59. All proceeds will be going to Children’s High Level Group, Ms. Rowling’s preferred charity.

The ‘surprise inside’? Commentary and footnotes for the five stories by the late Albus Dumbledore! I think (1) we are about to read Ms. Rowling’s satirical treatment of literary criticism, and, perhaps, (2) we’ll get some idea of how she thinks it should be done. Stand by, Elvendorks! This may not be pretty…

I’m confident, though, of one thing: we now know July’s bestseller at Amazon — and I expect for the next few months. Happy birthday, Ms. Rowling, and thank you for this gift.

All-Pros, your comments, please!

Ms. Rowling: Top of the Chart, Big Regret

‘J. K. Rowling’s Medievalism’

Our wont here is to discuss Ms. Rowling’s postmodern themes and her use of Christian symbolism and alchemical imagery and story structure to advance these themes and criticism. Over on the “New for Medievalists” weblog, they take a different view. Among the subjects in their ‘Call for Papers for the 2009 International Congress on International Studies’ is “J. K. Rowling’s Medievalism.” I confess I was as intrigued by a few of the other subjects (Beowulf as Children’s Literature; The Serbian Middle Ages: Between Byzantium and the West; Beyond Beer and Celibacy: Exploring Monastic Productions) but a few thoughts come to mind about Medieval Harry. [Read more…]

Anniversary and Birthday Plans?

This week last year HogPro and Hog’s Head were counting down the days to the release of Deathly Hallows with predictions and spoiler alerts. Do any of you have plans to commemorate the first anniversary of the closing of the InterLibrum and the Harry Potter saga? I know the PotterDelphians are planning a MeetUp on Saturday,2 August, for a belated Birthday bash. I think the Grangers may watch a movie or two with some popcorn after dad talks at dinner about the eyes in Deathly Hallows (the Mirror, the Symbol, Mad-Eye’s funeral, and, of course, Snape’s “Look at me!”).

What are your plans?

My parents think Harry Potter is evil! Please help!

I received an email note last week from a 15 year old Harry Potter reader. I have responded already but wondered what you All-Pros would have said if this had landed in your inbox. I promise to pass on your comments if she writes back.

Subject: My parents think Harry Potter is evil! Please help!

From: Melody
Date: Thursday, Jul 17, 2008 at 2:39 PM

Mr. Granger,

I am a teenage christian who LOVES Harry Potter! I completely understand the christian values in the books and grow in my faith because of it. I have read your book “Looking for God in Harry Potter” and agreed with you throughout the whole thing. I do have one problem though, my parents who are also christians are convinced that the books are evil and horrible and will refuse to be told otherwise. I don’t know how to start a conversation with them explaining how Harry Potter benifits my walk with God because I know that no matter what I say they won’t listen. Please tell me how I can get my parents to have an open mind so I can convince them Harry Potter is not evil indeed the oposite of evil!

– Melody, 15