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The Hog’s Head’s Travis Prinzi in Newspaper

Check it out!

ENGL 430: Major British Authors (J.K. Rowling)

Check out the Syllabus for this Indiana University Pennsylvania class and the teacher. I am amazed that Ms. Rowling’s work is already receiving this sort of thoughtful attention in the academy — and delighted by the professor’s inventive use of the internet and blogging to create houses for the students in which they can both prepare for and continue the conversations in the class room. Things are looking good for Harry in the Ivory Tower if classes like this one are indicative of a long term trend!

Please share links to any other university classes on this subject you may have run across in your web surfing moments. I confess to having really enjoyed my time with Dr. Powers and IUP’s ENGL 430 (J. K. Rowling).

On Critical Reception of Harry Potter and Twilight Part 9: What the Critics missed (C: Allegorical)

What allegories in Harry Potter and the Twilight Saga have the critics missed? Let’s make this simpler. You tell me the ones they have picked up. I’ll give you the three that come immediately to mind from each of these series while you search accio-quote, your news clippings file, and Potter commentary book shelf. As I discussed in Part 5, seeing the world as materialists (as we all do, like it or not), which is to say, “seeing surface reality as reality exclusive of all other understanding,” the idea of alieniloquium, one thing speaking of another thing, is in our postmodern blind spot.

Three Harry Potter allegories: [Read more…]

Beyond Hogwarts: The Only Online Conference

“Welcome to Beyond Hogwarts, the only ongoing online Harry Potter fan conference.

Beyond Hogwarts is an academic resource, unraveling and discussing the mysteries of the Harry Potter saga, and beyond the books, into the future of Harry’s Wizarding world.”

Internet Hermit that I am, I’d never heard of this site. I’m stumped about how it qualifies as “an academic resource” or even as “the only ongoing online fan conference,” but it looks friendly enough. Any HogPro All-Pros or Hog’s Head Tavern ever test the waters at Beyond Hogwarts? Let us know what you think of it — or if you know of other thoughtful Potter sites I should know about. Time for me to get out a bit…

On Critical Reception of Harry Potter and Twilight Part 8: What the Critics missed (B: Moral)

The Potterdelphia Meet-Up Saturday was a blast — and it was especially good to catch-up with Debbie, a frequent correspondent, and Demarest, who blogs at ‘To Wander Diagon Alley’ (and knows my books and the many other commentaries on Ms. Rowling’s oeuvre better than anyone I know). I hope to get to their monthly meetings in the future for the Potter fellowship this big city group offers.

Back to our ten part series comparing the critical reception of Ms. Rowling’s Hogwarts Adventures and Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga! When we last spoke, I tried to detail the several surface elements in each writer’s work that critics missed even though they usually restricted their comments to the narrative line. Today I want to discuss the moral level which is, as it is almost always, very much tied to the surface features of the story. First, though, to review some earlier posts, we have to note that much of the harshest criticism about these two series has been at the moral level — and almost uniformly wrong-headed. [Read more…]