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Leaky Con 2009: Boston, May 22-24

I’m on my way! There is an ‘Author’s Event’ this afternoon where a bunch of the Gilderoys of the Potter Pundit set will gather for conversation, to sign autographs, and, I’m told, to have our pictures taken with fans. [I’m hoping (with everyone else) that I can get my picture taken with Melissa Annelli.] Tomorrow afternoon, I’m scheduled to give a Featured Presentation on the ‘Eyes of Deathly Hallows.’ Fortunately or unfortunately, online and on their printed programs, I’m scheduled opposite a Keynote talk by the Order of the Phoenix screenwriter and a literary talk by Karin Westman, the Chairman of the KSU English department. I may join the crowds and no-show my own talk to sit in on the others!

The highlight of the event promises to be seeing HogPro All-Pros in attendance and Potterdelphians. I’ve already contacted and made dates with Toni and David Gras and with Boston Nadja. I hope the rest of you folks who will be there will give me a shout out so we can have our photos taken with the WRock stars and online celebrities of Fandom!

‘Star Trek’ Inspired Prequel/Sequel Ideas?

Here’s one:

The Albus/Rose/Scorpius trio on Christmas break their first year overhear an unreformed Death Eater just out of Azkaban telling Lucius at Malfoy Manor he has found a Time Turner. He has managed to super-charge it and intends to return to the weeks following the Battle of Hogwarts, 19 years previous.

His plan? To take the Wand of Destiny from Dumbledore’s tomb and kill Potter before Harry arrests him in his first adventure as an Auror. [Read more…]

Touchstone: ‘Picture Imperfect’

In this month’s Touchstone magazine, there is an article by S. M. Hutchens called ‘Picture Imperfect: On the Discovery of Dirt in Potter’s Field.’ I cannot link to this piece yet because it hasn’t been posted to the magazine archives online but I am obliged to recommend the article — and the magazine as well.

Touchstone claims to be a “Journal of Mere Christianity,” and, given that hat-tip to C. S. Lewis, you’d expect it to be brilliant, eloquent, and combative, with an engaging sense of humor to boot. You’d also think it would be a place to find insightful thinking about social issues, faith, and quite a lot about literature. Touchstone is all of these things and has won the awards to prove it. [Read more…]

MuggleNet: “Harry Potter Should Have Died”

A new title from the undergraduates in Indiana is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

It promises “literary criticism” so I thought you’d be interested. Your thoughts?

J. K. Rowling: Time Magazine Stringer?

Check out her rave about Gordon Brown, Prime Minister and Rowling family friend, in the Time magazine issue devoted to the world’s 100 most influential people… I confess to being a little surprised she didn’t make the list, which, I suppose, reflects my need to get out more, right?

Anyway, great to see she’s writing again (I should talk) if the fiction here isn’t as entertaining or as edifying as what we expect from the Bard of King’s Cross. Your thoughts?