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While you Wait for ‘The Wizarding World…

of Harry Potter’ at Universal Theme Park in Orlando, FL, why not check out Dickens World in the UK? If you made the commitment to read even half of Dickens’ novels before hopping the pond, this trip could be a life-changing experience! (H/T to Nicholas)

Ronald MacDonald: In the Near Loss of Everything

Not the hamburger clown, but the son of George MacDonald, literary great and scion of the Inkling fraternity. Zossima Press yesterday released In the Near Loss of Everything, a biography of this Ronald MacDonald by Dale Wayne Slusser that focuses on Ronald’s time in America and the book is a ‘wow.’ Please read these blurbs from MacDonald scholars and the Zossima Press news release for why you, the Harry Potter serious reader and lover of imaginative fiction, will want to read In the Near Loss of Everything. [Read more…]

George MacDonald: Literary Alchemist?

Sorry to have been out of touch for so long! Here’s a challenging thought to jump start the All-Pro discussion here at Hogwarts Professor: could George MacDonald, C. S. Lewis’ supposed “master,” have written At the Back of the North Wind, as a work of literary alchemy? [Read more…]

Harry Potter and YouTube Copyright Thoughts

Yes, you can listen to the complete Jim Dale audio recordings of Order of the Phoenix at YouTube. I know that Travis and others won’t want to do that — ever — because they prefer the Stephen Frye readings, but I was startled to see this. I’ve bought the tapes so I don’t have any legal or ethical qualms about listening to the book online, but isn’t this a copyright violation? What am I missing?

“Witchcraft is Just a Metaphor”

I received a wonderful letter today from a school teacher who had just finished reading Harry Potter’s Bookshelf. After saying very kind things about Bookshelf, she wanted to know what I thought about a comment Ms. Rowling made in a 1999 interview with Dan Hulbert (“Just wild about Harry: Dedicated fans of a young wizard have Scottish scribe J.K. Rowling to thank,” The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, October 22, 1999). In that discussion with an American reporter, the author, sharing her frustration with Christian objections to the book, made a pointed comment about the metaphorical meaning of magic in her stories.

First, the original statement as it was reported: [Read more…]