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‘Larry King Live’ contacts Hogwarts Professor @ 10 July Show

The Larry King Live teevee show on CNN is doing a blow-out Harry Potter special 10 July and they wrote me today to ask if I wanted to participate. Of course I agreed.

Having told you about the show, I have officially fulfilled my part in the program.

I’m guessing I’m one of several thousand people with weBlogs devoted to discussion of the Hogwarts Saga who received the following press release from Larry King’s marketing masters. Read it after the jump with my observations:

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DH:II Film Countdown 2

So, as promised, we are dusting off some of our “greatest hits” of Deathly Hallows Posts, in case you missed them the first time out, or in case a nasty Memory charm backfired and obliterated your recollection of them. Here  is a great “bonus” post–thirty of the threads from the novel’s intial release in 2007. Remember those days? I was still drinking cocoa and trying to recover. Enjoy this great visit down memory lane, with posts on subjects from symbolism to fairy tales to  reader reaction back when the last book was big news! As we get ready to revisit the last half of the story via the cinema, we can revist some of these great ideas, too! Enjoy! And don’t forget to send in those requests!

Mellark Bakery Pictures and A Hunger Games Talk in Boone

The intrepid Amy Sturgis has sent along this great image of the Mellark family bakery, formerly known as the old store in the abandoned Henry River Mill Town, which was recently transformed into District 12 (the location filming, which is just with the primaries right now, has moved on). You can see the store’s original appearance here along with the rest of the site here. Obviously, only a little had to be done to make this place into a reasonable facsimile of the most benighted District in Panem, since there is plenty of District 12 to go around in Appalachia, as we’ve mentioned here before. That connection, along with some of our other favorite discussion points, will doubtless be part of our riveting conversation this Tuesday, June 28 (yes, it’s intentionally on Tuesday, the day on the which the Reaping and the first day of the Games occur!) at the Watauga County Library in Boone, NC. I’ll be leading the program, which  is free and begins at 6 pm.

Thanks for the pic, Amy!

Deathly Hallows Part 2 Film Countdown Begins: Getting Ready for the Big Premiere

As the excitement increases about next month’s release of the second half of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, we’ll be posting plenty of relevant pieces about plans, activities, and feedback. But we’ll also be revisiting some our “Greatest Hits” that relate to the film. If you have a favorite from the archives that you’d like to see featured as part of the countdown, send us a note, and we’ll dust it off and bring out! For those who really get into the whole movie premiere hoopla, now is the time to make plans (and maybe a swell costume, if you are into that sort of thing). I’m looking forward to seeing what folks are sporting at Leaky-Con, where many of them will be going to the midnight release. Though I don’t do the costume angle myself, I am a keen spectator, and I love seeing creative approaches (last year at Infinitus, several of the HogPros wondered for hours about the guy in the soda jerk outfit; he was Florean Fortescue).  Melanie Lee, friend of this blog, has a fun persona and plan that she’ll be using to reach out to others on July 15, and she’s sharing some of her goodies with us.  We’d also like to hear what others have planned, too! [Read more…]

Follow the Money: Pottermore Numerology, Speculation

The graphic to the left is from Fast Company and I urge you to go to their site to see it in its legible fullness. I thought it worth sharing because I’m guessing some readers out there who visited yesterday to see what all the fuss was about may have left the graphics of dancing owls, paper spiders, and opening gates scratching their heads. Why would whomever is behind this — Ms. Rowling? Bloomsbury/Scholastic? Warner Bros? Universal? — invest so much money into this kind of animation/CGI? [An excellent summary of what Pottermore will offer readers in October can be read here.]

The answer, I think, is a combination of money and control, the latter of which will bring us back to money. And, eventually, total author control.

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