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Ditch Professor Binns’s Class and Have a Blast from the Past with Harry Potter and History

In its latest installment in the History and Pop Culture Series, Wiley Publishing has just released Harry Potter and History, edited by Pace University Professor (and friend of this blog) Dr. Nancy Reagin, who also edited Twilight and History. It’s a wonderful collection written by historians from a diverse array of backgrounds covering topics from the real life Nicolas Flamel to the parallels between events in real human history and the history created by J.K. Rowling for her wizarding world. [Read more…]

Leaky-Con After-Action report

Yes, I know it’s been well more than a week since the Leaky-Con crew departed Universal Studios Resort (though I suspect some of them may have tried to sneak back in and live there), but with all the excitement, I’m just now getting to a more thorough response to the event, along with a few pictures! Those of you who were able to attend, I hope you’ll add your thoughts about sessions or events that I didn’t get to experience.
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Film Week Follow-Up:Fellowship, Freebies, and Fisticuffs

So now most folks who plan to see the film of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows have done so (some more than once), and many of you have shared your insights and thoughts in our wonderful conversation. Thanks! This week, here are some follow-up thoughts not on the film so much as on the experience of going to the movie. Join us after the jump for stories, positive and negative, on movie-going experiences, what people are doing now, and the opportunity to share your own stories of seeing the film or your plans for what’s next!
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Alternate Ending? “Real-Life Snape”? Is it April Fool’s Day?

It should come as no surprise that everyone who ever had contact with J.K. Rowling now thinks that he or she has some sort of inside track on the tale of Harry Potter . (For example. we’ve heard for years about the neighbors named Potter) . Oddly enough, the folks Rowling openly describes as being part of her process (her real teenage friend with the blue Anglia, for example) seldom go about yapping about their deep personal relationship with the Presence. This week, we have an investigative reporter who thinks he knows the “original” ending to Deathly Hallows and the supposed discovery of the “real” Severus Snape. Both of these stories exhibit some interesting lack of insight into Rowling’s personality, style, and statements about her own work. So put on your favorite Headless Hat or other Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes product, and get ready to snort, chuckle, or sneer after the jump. [Read more…]

Mythgard Institute, Harry Potter For Nerds, and Duck of Minerva: HogPro Posts To Go Up Before the Move to Oklahoma City Begins

I am in sunny Huntsville, Alabama, where I’ve given three talks this week post LeakyCon, and I’m packing up today for my return to beautiful upstate New York. I won’t be there long, though, because I’ve been offered a teaching position in Oklahoma City and I’m moving the whole famn damily there next week.

The only problem? I have about twelve HogwartsProfessor posts that are overdue and time sensitive — and there’s no way I’m posting from the cab of a 24′ moving van with family in tow. I’m guessing that Highway Patrol officers are merciless on texters who drive — and that they shoot truck driving bloggers on sight.

Here, then, are the three ‘biggies’ I absolutely have to share before the Granger Gang starts its exodus to the Heartland:

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