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New Hunger Games Profile Posters Provide New Glimpses With a Capitol Touch

Lionsgate, the company in charge of the new Hunger Games film to be released in March, has just put out a series of striking new posters that each feature one of the story’s major characters, photographed in profile. The images are fascinating, and not just for their surface meaning (Come see this movie! Buy loads of popcorn!). In fact, their underlying meaning is just as riveting as the actors’ distant stares. Follow me after the jump for some overall thoughts on this whole poster campaign and some insights on each one. [Read more…]

Behind the Potter Cinema Experience: Documentary Coming

At a Target near you soon!

Capturing Dodie Smith’s I Capture the Castle

This past July, while I was in Orlando for Leaky-Con and visiting family, my mother-in-law and I partook of one of our favorite activities: thrift store shopping. She knows all the best spots, and we always find great bargains and have a blast. While I was browsing the books, I spotted one I have only ever seen on the virtual shelf on J.K. Rowling’s pre-Pottermore website: Dodie Smith’s I Capture the Castle. It’s a fairly well-handled edition, but it was practically free, and I decided I wanted to see why Rowling has always declared the novel’s narrator to be one of the “most charismatic” of any in any novel. I recently finally got around to reading it, so I thought I’d share a few of my insights, and see if those of you who have also read the book will post your thoughts as well!
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Breaking Dawn, Part 1: 5 Weeks Until the Movie Opening

For more on the new Twilight movie, go to, your one-stop source for Twilight news and commentary.

We will, of course, be discussing the meaning of Breaking Dawn here, to include why ‘Part 1’ is best understood as its own book, its alchemical meaning, and why it comes ‘before’ Eclipse in several senses. Not to mention commentary on how Twilight criticism in the mainstream media continues to miss the boat — and why Spotlight continues to be the best guide to thinking on the artistry and meaning of the series.

Guest Post: Is Harry Potter a Collection of Character Shadows from Victor Hugo’s blockbuster novel, Les Miserables? Maybe!

William Sprague last wrote at to share with us his thoughts on the link up of literary alchemy and Ring Composition in the Hogwarts Saga. Today he picks up the idea that Ms. Rowling, French major and alchemical story teller, was inspired by Victor Hugo, perhaps the greatest of French novelists and also a hermetic writer. For fans of Les Miserables, I trust his tentative but intriguing suggestions will start a fascinating conversation. It’s all yours, William!

Harry Potter and Les Miserables

Thank you, John! My thoughts on this this subject were spurred by a post on Hogwarts Professor in which John explored the subject of Les Miserables and its connection to Harry Potter. I felt that there were many connections between the books, but readers will have to bear with me as I try to show the developing process of the character allusions made in Harry Potter.

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