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Hold on to Your Hats (or Wig, Effie); It’s the Capitol Couture Website

While it’s unlikely that I will possibly be able to keep up with every single new development as the Hunger Games film release date draws near (March 23), I hope I can make a few comments on some of the more fascinating/horrifying/just plain bizarre news and hoopla that we’ll see over the next couple of months (for, we hope, more sanity and thoughtfulness, watch for our upcoming review of our favorite Hunger Games posts). One new item has certainly caught my interest: the launch of the new Capitol Couture website. Join me after the jump for some conversation about why this flashy-splashy website is intriguing, thought-provoking, and (I hope) a big joke.
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Cornell Ornithology Lab News: Snowy Owl Invasion

For more on this, see the Reuters story here.

William Michael Riley: The Deathly Hallowed Trinity Montage

The idea that the Three Brothers in Deathly Hallows are story pointers to the Dark Lord, Severus Snape, and Harry Potter was discussed here in the weeks after the book’s publication in 2007. Alan Jacobs, however, I think was the first to publish the idea (if only as a hint) in his Christianity Today review of the series finale, ‘The Youngest Brother’s Tale.’

Many readers have already exclaimed that Harry’s final quest marks him as a clear Christ figure. This is wrong, seriously wrong, and I think J. K. Rowling goes out of her way to tell us so. People (characters in the books as well as readers) think that Harry is a unique person of unique power, but at a dozen points in the series we are clearly shown that he is not: he is called the Chosen One, but he is chosen by Voldemort, and Dumbledore emphasizes to Harry the sheer contingency of this choice. The work of the Cross is done by Christ alone; Harry always has help. (It’s worth emphasizing that while each of the Horcruxes is destroyed, each is destroyed by a different person.) At his moment of agony Christ was abandoned; at the end of his quest Harry is supported and comforted. [Read more…]

Shared Text: Nerds and Geometry Exams

Shared Text: Hogwarts as Lure to Hook High School Seniors

Some fictional characters get their invitation to the perfect school by owl. For you, there’s this e-mail from Kenyon College.
If your sense of humor and your sense of wonder inform everything you do, just go to, where you can learn more about Kenyon, one of the country’s best liberal arts colleges. (And tell us about your perfect college, if you like.)

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