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Literary Alchemy as Wedding Scaffolding: Seeing is Believing

Lancelot Schaubert, longtime friend of this weblog and contributor to Travis Prinzi’s Harry Potter for Nerds essay collection, was married recently. He and his bride decided to give their nuptial celebrations a literary touch, something ‘fantastic’ and ‘mythic’ without chain-mail and dwarves carrying battle axes.

They decided on a Literary Alchemy theme. Story and pictures here!

If alchemy has gone mainstream enough that we’re seeing weddings planned with it as the organizing principle, I think we can conclude that Harry Potter is indeed the Shared Text of Generation Hex.

Congratulations, Lancelot and Kiddo! May the Lord smile on your marriage and lives together in Him!

Whodunit? Harry Potter — In the Great Hall — With a Wand!

Those of you who love a Harry Potter themed podCast, head on over to Mugglenet Academia for a spirited and convivial conversation with Dolores Gordon-Smith, author of the Jack Haldean mysteries, about the influence of Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers’ detective fiction on the Hogwarts Saga.

Mrs. Gordon-Smith, an Englishwoman with Irish mum, besides being an expert practitioner of the mystery writing craft (with a specialty in the set piece Drawing Room dramas of the inter bella period) is a lifetime reader and admirer of the Grand Dames of Detective Stories. And she knows her Harry Potter, too! Keith Hawk from MuggleNet and Sarah Granger, a rising fourth year student at the College of the University of Chicago join me and Dorothy for a romp through and review of each book in the series as a mystery piece.

For more on Sayers, Christie, and the meeting of Peter Wimsey, Hercule Poirot, and Harry’s friends at Hogwarts, there’s a chapter devoted to the subject in Harry Potter’s Bookshelf, a chapter I can recommend without blushing!

Last Call for Ascendio 2012 Registration!

All Aboard the Ascendio Express! I have another gig scheduled now at Ascendio 2012, 12-15 July in Orlando, Florida. The good news is that Keith Hawk and I will be talking up Copyright Law, believe it or not, and its relevance to both Fan Fiction and Potter Pundit Writers on Friday afternoon with two MuggleNet Academia guests that are expert on these subjects. Live podcasting out of the Common Room!

But tonight is the last call for registration! Ascendio registration closes tomorrow! See below the jump for all the links and details —

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J. K. Rowling: ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ BBC4

From August 2011, the BBC4 Celebrity Genealogy program ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ on Joanne Rowling:

You can read the Telegraph television guide’s review of the program here. I thought his comments insightful and pedestrian simultaneously and the show well worth watching. My three notes after the jump and a few paragraphs from the Telegraph piece.
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Breaking Down the New Breaking Dawn 2 Trailer

Wednesday was the first day of summer (well, technically Thursday was the first full day), and, for those of us who have been to Forks as many times as the young lady in the hilarious Time Warner television commercial, it was also Edward Cullen’s 111th birthday (and he doesn’t even need a magic ring to stay looking 17)! In honor of that auspicious occasion, Summit treated us with the “theatrical trailer” for Breaking Dawn part 2.

Check it out in the first comment box below if you haven’t seen it already. The trailer is widely available online (good thing, too, as the only movie I’ll be seeing in theaters for a while is probably one made by Pixar), and, as promised earlier this week, here are my thoughts, nit-picky and literary as they may be, on what we see, what we don’t see, and what we should be expecting.
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