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Catching Fire: A Speculative Screenplay

Back in June, Hana McCarthy sent us her outline of how she would structure a screenplay for the film adaptation of Catching Fire. With the actual filming set to begin soon (and probably not in my stomping grounds this time, alas), and the actual script guarded by dragons, trolls, and scary guys with earpieces, Hana’s speculative script is a great way to see how the story could be effectively adapted to the screen, preserving most of its tone, themes, and critical elements (particularly those of interest to us nerdy folks here). Please note, this is NOT the actual script being used for the film, but Hana’s delightful, orginal work. Of course, spoilers abound, but the biggest one might be how the actual film will be spoiled for us by Hana’s fascinating treatment, with which Hollywood will probably not be able to compete. So get some popcorn, read on, and get fired up! Thank you so much for sharing with us, Hana! [Read more…]

Ascendio Thoughts 1: The Harry Potter Fan Zone Review

Let’s start what I hope will be a cascade of posts about the HPEF finale in Orlando earlier this month, Ascendio 2012, with the publication of David and Toni Gras’ report that they wrote as journalists and fans under the rubric of the Harry Potter Fan Zone web site (yes, I have the Gras’ permission to do this!). Tomorrow I’ll put up my footnotes to this listing at the various points where I participated in the remarkable cavalcade of events — over 250! — that took place in the Muggle equivalent of the village down the street from Hogwarts Castle.

Ascendio 2012

By Harry Potter Fan Zone reporters, David and Toni Gras, July 2012

“…there will be a time when we must choose between what is right and what is easy.”

— Professor Albus Dumbledore.

Harry Potter Educational Fanon (HPEF) held its 8th and final event, “Ascendio”, in Orlando, Florida July 11 – 15, 2012 in the shadows of “Hogwarts Castle” at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studio’s Portofino Bay Hotel.  As Professor Dumbledore reiterated in his famous quote from “Goblet of Fire”, HPEF decided to choose the “right” path rather than the “easy” path when they sacrificially and joyfully took on the immense efforts of coordinating and organizing a conference of this magnitude for Potter fans.    Approximately 1000 loyal and enthusiastic Potter fans filled the hallways of the conference center at the hotel for 4.5 days, some dressed in Potter costumes or as Potter characters and some in regular street clothes.  All were welcome at the conference which offered something for everyone…..

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Guest Post: Twilight, Chastity, and Kristen Stewart

Twilight, Chastity, and Kristen Stewart: Wars and rumors of war and love and rumors of love

by joel emmett

The Internet imploded this past week when news leaked that Kristen “Bella Swan” Stewart, the highest paid actress in human history and girlfriend of her Twilight co-star, “sexiest man alive” Robert Pattinson, had a fling with her 41-year old, married, director of her recent “Snow White” film.

The public reaction was extreme, heated, and profuse. This is significant not only because of the human drama, but because of how and why this situation was so loaded by the themes of the Twilight Saga itself.

First, here’s what actually happened.
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Shared Text: Voldemort vs Mary Poppins at Olympics Opening?

So it’s only a rumor! The thought the Olympics opening would feature Lord Voldemort terrorizing Alice in Wonderland and being vanquished by an army of Mary Poppins (all of whom fly into the stadium via Umbrellas) is a perfect ‘Shared Text’ moment, no? I suspect everyone present will ‘get’ the Dark Lord reference and that quite a few will not recognize the Lewis Carroll and P. L. Travers heroines. Here’s hoping that many of those few will walk through the portal Harry Potter provides to English literature, especially the best in high fantasy. The Gateway drug to a life of engaging, edifying reading, etc.

And if the rumor isn’t true? Well, it ought to be. Hat tip, A2Paper.

I have fourteen posts in queue to put up over the next week or so — my experiences with friends at Ascendio 2012 in Orlando right at the top of the list and thoughts in anticipation of LeakyCon3 in Chicago early next month right behind them. I have started a new job and a new writing project, though, since returning from the Wizarding World so blogging may continue to be spotty. Thank you for standing by — did I tell you about my conversation with Veronica Roth? You’ll never believe it…

Our Finnick is a Jolly Sailor Bold, and More Catching Fire Casting News

As of today, it’s one month until The Hunger Games DVD is released, so we’ll be revisiting some of our favorite topics about the Girl on Fire and the Boy with the Bread, but as filming for Catching Fire approaches, all the talk is about Victors of previous Games. Now in place, a firey Johanna, an award-winning Wiress and Plutarch, and a dream”boat” Finnick. Join me after the jump for some thoughts on why these choices may actually bode very well for the Quarter Quell next year. [Read more…]