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MuggleNet Academia: Magick Moste Evile – Harry and the Horrible Horcruxes

See the post below for the subject of this MuggleNet Academia conversation, Prof. Stauffer’s Horcrux article!

Guest Post: Horcruxes Origins and Timeline by P. Wayne Stauffer

f39174438Whence Horcruxes?
by P. Wayne Stauffer

As the Horcruxes began to surface in the Harry Potter stories, I wondered which characters died in their formation. Some were explicitly named; others not. To determine which characters died when Tom Riddle/Voldemort formed each of the Horcruxes, I ended up retracing Tom Riddle’s journey from orphan boy to Most Powerful Wizard (other than Albus Dumbledore…) for the order in which the Horcruxes were formed and a kind of chronology of Voldemort’s rise, fall, and return. Since the information about Voldemort presented in the Harry Potter saga is piecemeal and scattered throughout the seven books, I wanted to derive a continuous narrative of Tom Riddle’s younger years and his transformation into Lord Voldemort.

Much of this relies on inferences that piece together the “facts” of the overarching story across the seven books more than on a concise telling of the sequence by any character or the narrator (though Dumbledore comes close in his tutoring sessions with Harry in Prince). I am using only the information in the seven books, even though JK Rowling had significant input into the films and has posted more information about various characters since the publication of Deathly Hallows. I have not discovered a similar discussion of the formation of the Horcruxes or Tom Riddle’s timeline online or in print scholarly publications.

So, for anyone who is interested, here is my take on the victims and the order of formation of Voldemort’s seven Horcruxes. [Read more…]

Mail Bag: How About a Doppelganger for Dumbledore? Who is Not the Dark Lord?

Do I get exotic even Quixotic questions in the mail? I sure do. I confess this one sat in my inbox for quite a while as I tried to figure out how to respond.


f38722022I was wondering if you ever had come up with a Doppelganger for Dumbledore other than Grindelwald?

I’ve been re-reading Looking For God in Harry Potter (I also have How Harry Cast His Spell near for reference!) and in that second ed. you have no Doppelganger for Dumbledore but you added Grindelwald in 3rd ed. (Spell).

I just read all seven Potters for about the 15th time and I think I have a non-Jekyll and Hyde Doppelganger for Dumbledore; Can you think of who it is?

Steven M

Here is what I came up with (after the jump). If you want to play, take your best guess before reading what follows. If you came up with Steven M’s answer, I definitely want to hear about it in the comments section! [Read more…]

Contest! Straight From the UK! Free New Illustrated Harry Potter Book Set for Best CosPlay Photo and Spell Caption

BookPeopleStraight from Rachael, Adviser to the Minister of Magic at BookPeople:

Win a complete, illustrated collection of the Harry Potter books from The Book People!

 You’re letter from Hogwarts may have got lost in the post, but you can still win a magical prize with The Book People!

To celebrate the new release of the Harry Potter books at we’ve got a special edition, illustrated collection of J.K Rowling’s novels to give away to one lucky Potter super-fan! The complete set, housed in a decorative slip case, have been brought to life with the imaginative drawings of award winning artist Jonny Duddle. They’ll make a spell-binding addition to any muggle’s book shelf – so here’s what you need to do to win them…

Post a picture of yourself, or a link to a picture of yourself, dressed up as your favourite character for the Potter books. Maybe you’re a Hermione Granger look alike, or you’ve always thought you’d look great in Dumbledore’s extravagant robes – you might even make a dashing centaur. Whatever you decide, we want to see your best fancy dress pictures! Then, to really prove you’re a Potter buff, caption your image with a spell or charm.

Post your entry in the comments section below this post, we’ll review them all, and announce the winner at the end of August. Good-luck!


Reviewer Copies of ‘The Chessman,’ Dolores Gordon-Smith’s Latest Jack Haldean Mystery Novel, Now Available

But they won’t be available for long, I suspect. I mean, a book that you want to read — yours, for free, the best of all prices?

ChessmanSevern House, the publishers of Dolores Gordon-Smith’s acclaimed Jack Haldean novels, is looking for American bloggers and librarians interested in a free copy of her latest book, The Chessman, in exchange for a review (read about the book here). If you’re a mystery lover or if you listen to MuggleNet Academia, you know Dolores Gordon-Smith, the latter-day incarnation of Agatha Christie. Her books are a delight and a cut above ‘fine entertainment.’ As you’d suspect in a series penned by a profound student of the genre and a world-class Potter Pundit, the Haldean adventures keep you in suspense to the last page and leave you thinking afterwards.

I have signed up for my Chessman reviewer copy, of course, and, if you are a book person that talks with or writes for other book people and you are as excited about this opportunity as I am, drop me a note [john at HogwartsProfessor dot com, right?] and I’ll put you in contact with the publisher. No pushing in line, please; though I doubt this offer will be good for more than a few days.