Around the Blogosphere: Three ‘Games’ Writers Worth Reading

by John on March 22, 2012

I’m working on a longish post about the structures of The Hunger Games, their nine parts, their three books, and the series taken as a whole, so I apologize for the relative fluff I’ve been posting in our month of Panem Pandemonium here at Hogwarts Professor. The better stuff takes longer to write, as you’d guess.

In anticipation of that writing, though, and as something of an apology for my neglect, here are links to writers that are doing some heavier lifting or just fun writing about Hunger Games as literature and transformative experience:

From Searching for Identity, Finding Love: The Center of The Hunger Games I don’t always or often agree with the points made but the writer is really stretching to get at why we love these stories, however enmeshed the arguments are in the narrative line.

From A. T. Ross, friend of this blog, and Christian Story-Weaver: The Girl Who Was on Fire Really challenging and thoughtful exegesis of the alchemical markers and spiritual content in these books.

And from Holley Maher: The Embarrassing Side Effects of Having Recently Read “The Hunger Games” Because you needed a laugh about how much we love these books and the stories they tell us about what we are and want to become.

If you want a review of the best HogPro posts about Hunger Games, of course, you can go here. Hat tip to the Brittons for the links and to Holley Maher for the graphic!

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