Crimes of Grindelwald: DVD 7 Minutes?

As you can see to the left, ‘Univers Harry Potter,’ a French fan site has tweeted the scene coupee or deleted scenes we’ll be seeing in the DVD of Crimes of Grindelwald coming out in February, 2019, as a download and in March as a disc. These ten scenes may or may not be the extra ‘seven minutes’ of running time this version is reported to have; usually a Deleted Scenes’ package is a DVD ‘extra’ that is separate from the running film. Whether the cut scenes are integrated or not, they will provide us with a much better idea of what the actual shooting script was, i.e., what Rowling wrote and her collaborators agreed to shoot before their editing the daylights out of her story in the cutting room, because none of these scenes appear in the published Original Screenplay. This screenplay-book is with important exceptions (black vs blue Grindelwald fiendfyre, etc.) mostly the film-as-cut transcript.

So what have we got?

It looks like we’re getting two scenes from the end of the first film as starters, those depicting Credence’s survival of the attack from the MACUSA Aurors in the NYC subway and his boarding the boat to Europe, perhaps in the company of Circus Arcana. David Heyman told us about those scenes soon after the first movie was released.

The next eight scenes are: ‘Newt’s Basement,’ ‘Ballroom Dance,’ ‘Tina and Skender,’ ‘Murmuration,’ ‘Newt and Jacob walk to Yusuf Kama’s,’ Nagini and Credence in an Alley,’ and ‘Dumbledore and McGonagall.’

We already have a scene in ‘Newt’s Basement,’ but it seemed to have been shoe-horned in to provide us with a Niffler set-up to pay-off at the finish and to introduce Newt’s menagerie and devoted helper. I hope we get a better idea of why these scenes were introduced in the revealed parts that were deleted; if not, we’ll have to assume the Kelpie will return in FB3 or FB4.

‘Ballroom Dance’ was featured in the trailers and promises to give us a better idea of Leta Lestrange’s internal struggles vis a vis her feelings for Newt and Theseus and her possible role in the Grindelwald-Dumbledore conflict.

‘Tina and Skender’ promises an extended confrontation between the MACUSA Auror and the owner of Circus Arcana. All we got in the film was a short exchange about Credence in scene 45.

The next four scenes? No ideas, really. I don’t recall pictures of them in the trailers or mention of them in interviews with the players and film makers. Check out the list of the deleted scenes we know about and ask yourself: why won’t they give us these scenes that they shot from Rowling’s shooting script?

To which scenes, you might add one more: the twitter account ‘Fantastic Beasts Film Series’ tells us that the book Crimes of Grindelwald Movie Magic says “297 wands were stolen from the shop of wandmaker Cosme Acajor during the film. Could this be another deleted scene? Is that why we’ve seen the inside of the shop but not on-screen?” (Hat tip to Kelly for the deleted scenes tip and the tweet news.)

I’m guessing Fantastic Fandom is going wild with speculation about ‘Murmuration,’ et cetera. I think I can wait until the downloadable DVD is available. But feel free to share your thoughts about the deleted scenes and the bizarreness of not being able to get an honest copy of the shooting script, the Rowling text for Crimes of Grindelwald.

Crimes of Grindelwald: BluRay, DVD, Etc

The tool we need for scene-by-scene breakdowns and discussion of the released Crimes of Grindelwald film (versus the so-called Original Screenplay) will be available for digital download next month and on Blu-Ray or DVD in March. The story from

Welcome back to Hogwarts when Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, the second of five all-new adventures from the Wizarding World created by J.K. Rowling, arrives on 4K UHD Combo Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD Special Edition and Digital.

The 4K UHD Combo Pack and the Blu-ray Combo pack include an extended cut of the film with more than seven minutes of deleted scenes added, available as a digital download. Also featured is an audio introduction by director David Yates and over an hour of fantastic special features.

You can pre-order the film in four different packages (links to Amazon from

— Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald DVD
— Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Blu-ray + Digital Download
— Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray + Digital Download
— Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray + Digital Download

Blu-Ray DVD pre-orders can also be made at for $25 rather than $30

No doubt we will learn more about the seven minutes of deleted material in the run-up to the release. Hat tip to Kelly for the news!



New Rowling Twitter Header: What Is It? Are We Off to China in ‘Beasts3’?

Just in time for Orthodox Nativity and Western Epiphany, Rowling switched out her Twitter header on 7 January but kept the same cameo picture. What is the exotic location pictured? “Let me google that for you, Dad,” as a daughter likes to say when I ask easily searchable questions.

Google Image Search says it is Zhangjiajie, specifically Wulingyan Scenic and Historic Area, a ‘AAAAA’ Scenic Site. The grading for scenic sites is a lot like that used in Mr Scamander’s Fantastic Beasts for the relative danger of the various creatures.

Options off the top of my head:

(a) This picture was taken while returning Crimes of Grindelwald Chinese Beast, the Zouwu, back to the wild after filming;

(b) It is a snapshot from a Family trip to a Rowling Inc. Sneaker Factory (which explains her twitter silence for two weeks);

(c) Forget Rio; in Beasts3 we’re going to 1930’s China, before it became Communist after Mao’s Long March;

(d) It’s actually Meteora on a foggy day (so much for Google search);

(e) The picture is of pilings on the Moors of Scotland where Cormoran Strike will learn that it was Lucy’s father who killed Leda, forget Rokeby;

(F) is for Fjord — it’s a Rosmersholm picture?

So far, the speculation online seems to be running for options (a) and (c), that we’re off to China to return the Zouwu we met in Crimes of Grindelwald to its native habitat. As much as I’m hoping it is (e), I think that the road trip to China is a pretty good guess for these three reasons: [Read more…]

Crimes of Grindelwald: The Story Ring

I spent International Chiasmus Day looking over my Crimes of Grindelwald charts and lecture notes about Tolkien’s The Hobbit as ring composition when I learned yesterday was also JRRT’s birthday. I flipped a hermetic coin this morning about which notes to write up as a short post here and the alchemical token came up ‘Phoenix’ rather than ‘Dragon’ — I read a brilliant paper draft on those two beasts last night by Lana Whited, too, that will change your thinking about Fantastic Beasts if you’re anything like me — so it’s the ring of Crimes today!

This will be the briefest of exposition, though, because the full version, charts and all, will be included in my online course the updated and expanded version of which is in queue for registration early in the New Year. Having said that, let’s have a look at the second film in the Fantastic Beasts five movie franchise and see if we can spot the story latch, which is to say, where and how the beginning and end hook up, the story turn, the scenes in which we end the beginning and start the end with echo and pointers to both respectively, and the story parallels, the ‘turtleback lines’ moving to and from the center in which the screenwriter creates corresponding in reverse order after the story pivot in chiastic fashion, A-B-C-D-C’-B’-A’, where the A’s are the latch, D is the turn, and B and C are the parallels.

The story latch is two-fold. First there is the Grindelwald’s escape epilogue, scenes 1 to 16 in the Original Screenplay that is not ‘Original’ but pretty much a transcript of the director’s cut (hereafter just ‘the screenplay’), and the Hogwarts/Nurmengard epilogue, scenes 116-120.  [Read more…]

Crimes of Grindelwald: Box Office Score

Good news and bad news about the performance of Crimes of Grindelwald at the box office in the US and overseas! Forbes magazine reports:

In other arbitrary milestones, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald has now earned $611m worldwide on a $200m budget. This is a decent-enough total, down a reasonable 25% from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’s $814m but 33% below the last film’s $232m domestic cume.

If it wasn’t the second of a five-part franchise, I’d be less concerned about the future. But maybe Fantastic Beasts 3 will be a big improvement and the fans will give it a second chance.

The bad news is fairly obvious. This was the weakest performance by a Warner Brothers ‘Wizarding World’ franchise film ever. The controversies about Johnny Depp, the assertion that ‘Gay Dumbledore’ was undeniably in evidence in Beasts 2 and that the Pensieve of Erised moments reflected a sexual relationship between two men, and the multitude of not quite meshing subplots on top of scene cuts by the director (who thinks he gets story-telling better than this screenwriter?) may have dulled enthusiasm among the Potter faithful in the United States, at least. Or a host of other reasons. Let the speculation and blame-casting begin!

Rowling and Company by their shouting out ‘Impeach Trump!’ at fan conventions and The Presence on her twitter feed, telling those offended by their refusal to dump Depp (because of the accusations of his using violence against his ex-wife) to take a hike, and the huzzahs for gay sex from Ezra Miller in a country where a significant population is not on that bandwagon means they managed somehow to offend right, left, and center. Earnings are down. Folks may not want political correctness or indifference mixed in with their magical movies. Surprise!

That said, the good news in this earnings report is just as obvious. The film turned a profit in the vicinity of 400 million US dollars. They’re not packing up shop because the film ‘bombed’ relative to other Rowling franchise movies. Only the Marvel Universe and Harry Potter films have to break a billion dollars before going to DVD to be considered a success. 611 million dollars pays a lot of bills. We’re going to get five films even if the next two also lose 25% globally and 33% domestic.

As the Forbes reviewer noted with “maybe Fantastic Beasts 3 will be a big improvement,” all Team Wizarding World has to do to return to billion dollar land may be to make a less confusing movie and stop shooting themselves in the foot by making the films a referendum on social justice, the US President, and sexual adventurism. More Tina-Loves-Newt, less Albus-Misses-Gellert-Who-Grooms-Credence? More Eddy, less Ezra?Rowling has already pledged that we will “get answers” in the next film; I’m guessing that means she’s been told to straighten out the mess David Yates made out of Crimes in the cutting room (and give him a more straight film — in the various senses of that word — to shoot).

Why do you think Crimes didn’t do nearly as well as Beasts1? Was it the content, the confusion of plots, the twist at the close, wizard fatigue, Paris, politics, or what? Click on the ‘Leave a Comment’ up by the headline and let me know your best guess.