My Experience at Infinitus 2010: Wow!

I have just returned home from the HPEF fan and academic conference in Orlando called ‘Infinitus 2010.’ Let me say up front and out loud, as someone who has been a Featured Speaker at 10 Potter conferences, 5 of which have been HPEF productions, that Infinitus was far and away the biggest and best I have ever been part of — and that it was “best in show” in several categories. Here are my day-after notes about this incredible meeting of all corners of the Fandom — [Read more…]

Infinitus Update

Infinitus is going fantastically! John had two presentations today, both of which had large, excellent audiences who were attentive, asked great questions, and bought lots of books! Those of you who have been to one of John’s programs know how super they are, and these were no exception.

It was great to visit with all the Potter Pundits in person, who take the stage tomorrow for a joint session! I also enjoyed meeting some of the wonderful folks we get to chat with here at Hog Pro. Tomorrow, it’s another great day of programming, with me bringing up the rear! If you are at Infinitus and haven’t said hi yet, come introduce yourself! Stay tuned for more from Sunny Florida! I’m off to run through my paper one more time, and I think John may still be in line over at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I hear the butterbeer is choice.

Infinitus Draws Near!

This weekend, John and I are both participating in Infinitus in Orlando, FL, being put on by the lovely HPEF folks. I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in The Witching Hour in Salem five years ago, and I know John has enjoyed the HPEF events in which he has participated, too. If you are going to be at Infinitus, come and say hi! Look for the dapper gent in the bow tie or the short and very pale mountain lady.

Here is the official website , so you can see what’s going on, or if you can’t make it, what you’ll be missing! As you can see, there will be a little bit of everything, and we’ll have a hard time deciding whose presentations to see!

Here’s a little sneak preview of the presentations we’ll be giving. [Read more…]

Weird and Wonderful Time at Waldenbooks

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of doing a signing for Twilight and History at the nearby Waldenbooks. Fortunately, it was not an experience like Parnell Hall describes in his absolutely hilarious song  and video about how depressing it is to have a book signing that no one attends. Every author has had these, I imagine (I certainly have). My husband still dines out on the story of the signing at  Barnes and Noble when he was elated to find four people waiting for him to get there, and they were the only ones who showed up the whole time!  We had a steady crowd, including one dear thing who looked at the book, looked at me, then said, in motherly tones, “Well, I’ve never read your books, but my daughter and her friends are just crazy about them.” She seemed rather startled when I assured her I was not actually Stephenie Meyer. (That was the weird part) [Read more…]

Welcome to the All-New!

I suppose it looks the same but, really, this site is changing a lot.

I’ve neglected this weBlog for weeks because I’ve been on the other Professor blog I write, ForksHighSchoolProfessor, promoting Spotlight on Twilight, and reading non-Potter titles, most notably, Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games. That didn’t leave much time for more Potter reading, thinking, and writing than the preps I have to do for The Leaky Cauldron’s PotterCast Potter Pundit segments.

But late last week I realized I should focus all my public writing time in one spot — and of course that spot is here.

What that means for you if you’re a HogwartsProfessor regular (‘HogPro All-Pro,’ get the coffee-cup, t-shirt, and hoodie) or newbie is many more posts on a lot more subjects. [Read more…]