Witchcraft Wins Super Bowl — Again

Tom Brady says his wife Giselle Bunchen is a “good witch” and that she tells him the magical sayings and practices he must say and heed in those seasons she senses he is destined to once again win a Super Bowl Championship.

I’m not sure whether to file this under ‘Shared Text’ or ‘Faustian Deals You Don’t Want to Make.’ It isn’t a ‘shared text’ story per se because it doesn’t include any explicit references to Harry Potter. I suspect, though, that the idea of a beautiful “good witch” gets no little support from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts film franchises.

And the idea of Tom Brady having sold his soul to the Devil to continue winning in a Dorian Gray like fashion? I’ll leave that for more serious football fans and heresy hunters than I am.

J. K. Rowling’s 1999 60 Minutes Interview

Twenty years ago! I doubt she likes ‘the look’ today, but her answers to the interviewer’s questions reflect the intensity of Rowling’s artistry and her commitment to a project she is not close to finishing. Enjoy!

Harry Potter and the Christmas Roses: Two Gifts from Oxford’s Beatrice Groves

TheRowlingLibrary.com: ‘Crimes’ Issue

If you’re not a subscriber to ‘The Rowling Library,’ an online magazine sent out as a free pdf to readers around the world, you’re missing out. Get thee hence to TheRowlingLibrary.com, download the latest issue — a special devoted to all things Crimes of Grindelwald — and then be sure to scroll around their site.

The editors and House-Elves there, for example, have recreated the original JKRowling.com, the site that existed 2002-2012, for fan searching and discoveries. There’s a collector’s guide as well and a very handy (and extensive) list of Rowling’s appearances through the years.

The production values of the magazine are first rank and the content is pretty good, too. And I hope I’m not saying that just because they’ve reprinted HogwartsProfessor posts (with permission asked for and received). It’s a serious bunch of fandom researchers and writers from quite literally every continent except Anarctica.

Enjoy! (And tell Patricio “John sent me.”)

Update: Link fixed!


Beatrice Groves: The BYU Interview

Beatrice Groves, author of Literary Allusion in Harry Potter (a great holiday present to self or other Potter Pundits you know), recently gave an interview on the merits of Harry Potter as literature on an American radio station in Utah.

You can listen — via this link to BYU Radio’s online archives — to Lisa Valentine Clark‘s talk with the resident Hogwarts maven and Serious Striker at Trinity College, Oxford University. Enjoy!