Evanna-Luna Dances to Hedwig’s Theme

Did you know that Evanna Lynch corresponded with J. K. Rowling before she was cast as Luna Lovegood? Please remind me the next time I get snarky about The Presence about substantive, life-changing gestures like this that JKR made during the Mania madness to help young people through serious issues. Enjoy the dance!


  1. Louise Freeman says:

    Luna is one of the rare elements that improved from the books to the movies. I honestly didn’t have much affinity for the character before I saw EL perform it. I am so happy to hear her story; and her dance was lovely too. I admire JKR’s commitment to destigmatizing mental illness.

  2. Karen Kebarle says:

    I agree with Louise; EL was a wonderful Luna. Thank you for sharing this heart-warming video.

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