Emily Strand

photo (1)Emily Strand is author of the book Mass 101: Liturgy and Life (Liguori, 2013), Master Catechist for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus, OH and teaches Comparative Religions at Mount Carmel College of Nursing. Her essay on the symbolic nature of Quidditch in the Harry Potterseries was published in the 2015 collection Harry Potter for Nerds 2 (Unlocking Press), and she spoke at 2015’s Chestnut Hill College Harry Potter conference. She speaks regularly at parishes on topics ranging from sacraments to Star Wars.

Her interest in the Harry Potter series stems, in part, from her more fundamental interest in the Christian mystery, its celebration in worship and its implications for Christian living. Emily is also a part-time Master’s student at the Mythgard Institute where she has enjoyed studying with Corey Olsen, Amy Sturgis and Dimitra Fimi. In her almost non-existent free time, she enjoys being a full-time mom to a rising kindergartener, running, yoga and writing her first novel. You can connect with her on Facebook and Twitter (@ekcstrand).