Goblet of Fire: Whole Book O.W.L.[JAB]

Goblet of Fire: Whole Book O.W.L.

Mark True statements with a “T” and False statements with an “F” for Part 1. For Part 2, write your answers to any or all of the short answer questions in the com boxes below.

Part 1: True/False Questions

1._____ Goblet of Fire opens with the story of the mysterious murder of three Muggles in “the Riddle House” in Little Hangleton. The patrons in ‘The Hanged Man’, the local pub, believe there was dark magic involved.

2._____ Harry wakes up on Privet Drive when the scar on his forehead burns “beneath his fingers as though someone had just pressed a white-hot wire to his skin.” He goes to the mirror with a vivid recollection of his dream in his head.

3._____ Dudley Dursley’s school asked his parents to put him on a diet over summer vacation because “the school outfitters didn’t stock knickerbockers big enough for him anymore.” Grapefruit quarters for breakfast! Yummy.
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Goblet of Fire: The Parting of the Ways (ending) and The Beginning (Chapters 36 & 37)[JAB]

Nota Bene: The Assistant Professor realizes that he is several chapters behind in supplying answers. Unfortunately, while the Full Professor supplied all the questions, he didn’t supply corresponding answers. I have to work them out just like you do and have gotten more than a little behind. Promising to catch up, JAB.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Chapters 36-37

Mark True statements with a “T” and False statements with an “F.” Write your answers to the discussion points in the com boxes below.

1._____ Cornelius Fudge brings a dementor into the castle for his protection and his bodyguard kisses Crouch, Jr.’s soul out of his body! Minerva McGonagall has a proper fit because the Minister of Magic had not listened to her objections.

2._____ Dumbledore tells Fudge that the Dark Lord is back and that he has “been restored to his body.” Fudge refuses to believe it and he won’t consider the Headmaster’s advice about the Azkaban dementrs or sending envoys to the giants [Read more…]

FYI: Amy H. Sturgis Interview–Read It! [JAB]

HogPro All-Pro Amy H. Sturgis, seen frequently in these pages under her blogline AHS, proves to be a delightful interviewee on Tim O’Shea’s blog. In the space of a relatively short and lively discussion, she carries us from 1813 and the world of Tecumseh to the uncharted future of C.S Lewis’ Science Fiction with a delightful interlude in the 1845 world of Emilie Flygare-Carlén and her The Magic Goblet, a book which Sturgis had to literally reconstruct from pieces. And yes, dear Rowling purists, there is a substantive central section dealing with subjects Hogwartish.

It is written compactly enough to satisfy those who want only the gist and want it right now, yet it is filled with a great variety of links to transport those who wish to dawdle more leisurely into a myriad of details about each of the various topics introduced.

I highly recommend it to all!…Aw shucks, stop reading my drivel and go read Amy’s fascinating interview!

Goblet of Fire: Veritaserum & The Parting of the Ways (Chapters 35 & 36)[JAB]

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Chapters 35-36

Mark True statements with a “T” and False statements with an “F.” Write your answers to the discussion points in the com boxes below.

1._____ Harry, the Triwizard Cup, and what’s left of Cedric arrive back at the Maze. The Headmaster asks Alastor Moody to take Harry to the hospital wing but “Mad-Eye” takes Harry to his office instead.

2._____ Harry answers Moody’s questions until he asks how the Dark Lord treated the returning Death Eaters. Harry remembers that he had learned there was a Death Eater at Hogwarts. Crouch/Moody claims he is the Hogwarts Death Eater. [Read more…]

Harry & the Vatican–che non è di pani[JAB]

In early January of this year, Harry Potter e i doni della morte the Italian language version of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows went on sale in Italy.

In its January 14-15th issue, the newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, dedicated a full page to a Pro vs. Con debate on the merits of the Harry Potter series as a whole. I have not been able to locate an English translation of the articles, however for those of you fluent in Italian, reprints of the originals are available here.

And then the fireworks began.

HogPro yvaine was first to weigh in with this observation from Agence France-Presse. While this summary does note that two sides were presented in the debate, it spends most of its ink describing how “…the future Pope Benedict XVI…” condemned the series in 2003. (More on this subject later…)

Shortly thereafter, John Granger forwarded me a note from Norwegian HogPro, Odd Sverre Hove calling attention to this article from Australia (what a small world the internet has given us!) which presents considerably more of the pro side of the debate, but focuses its discussion of the con side around the statment:

“Under the headline “The Double Face of Harry Potter”, an expert in English literature, Edoardo Rialti, argues in L’Osservatore Romano that the Pope – then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger – was right to worry.”

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