Warning! Master Overwhelmed, Leaves Apprentice at the Helm! [JAB]

In an event perhaps unparalleled in the history of this site, Professor John got overloaded. He is currently pushing all out to meet his publishing deadlines, speaking commitments, work and family responsibilities. Leaving zero time for HogPro duty.

In desperation, he has asked one of his less gifted students to monitor the classroom for a few weeks while he fends off all the other dragons. Therefore, for about the next three weeks, you will see posts coming out with the annotation [JAB] on the end of them. That stands for Moi! JohnABaptist. Hopefully I will not drive off all of the other students before the real Professor returns.

Seeking your pardon in advance for all errors, egregious or subtle, that are certain to follow: Here we go again with a restart of the beloved Chapter Quiz series!

John Speaking in New York City this Friday Night: Literary Alchemy and C. S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy

HogPro Alert! I have been invited to speak at the New York C. S. Lewis Society meeting this Friday night, 11 January 2008, and you are all invited. There will be no cover charge at the door and refreshments will be served after I talk (as good as those goodies are, the conversation is much better). If I run over time, I’m told, refreshments will be served during my talk.

The night’s topic is “C. S. Lewis and Literary Alchemy in the Ransom Trilogy” and I’m hoping to do three things in just under an hour: introduce literary alchemy as a stream in the river of English literature, explain why it is likely that Lewis was more familiar with the symbols and artistry of this tradition than any writer of the modern period, and, the big jump, that Lewis’ Ransom Trilogy or ‘Space Novels’ is an alchemical trilogy much as the Chronicles of Narnia are an astrological seven book set. I’ll be focusing on Perelandra, the second Ransom novel, both because it is the book in the set most readers I know remember clearly and because the alchemy of it is relatively transparent.

I hope you all will jump in your private jets and come! Here are the details from the website in case you can get there:

» Starting at 7:30 and breaking for refreshments at 9:00 pm
» At the Parish House of The Church of the Ascension,
» 12 West 11th St, Manhattan, NY
» Closest Subway: 14th St. Union Square
» On-street parking starts at 6:30 pm

If you cannot make it this Friday, you should make plans to come next month. I am really just the opening act for discussion of Lewis as hermetic artist; in February, Michael Ward, [Read more…]

HogPro All-Pro Alert! Name Game Experts Wanted!

Last week, HogPro All-Pro Rahner13 joined in the discussion about what the ‘Hog’ in Hog-warts referred to and pointed us to Ms. Rowling’s belief that she first heard or saw the word at a flower show. The bottom of the Lexicon page Rahner13 linked to had this invitation:

If you want to delve into the etymology of the words, names, and phrases in the Harry Potter universe, you need to visit What’s In A Name. The editor of this excellent site has created the ultimate HP etymological resource.

That was too tempting for me to resist. I went to the What’s in a Name site and found that it was indeed encyclopedic. It is attractive, well organized, and professionally laid out (it hasn’t been updated for Deathly Hallows names but the site tells you that up front). The confusion of “source” for “meaning” and “intention,” however, my biggest objection to name etymologies, was evident in the few names I looked up. I decided to write the editor of this excellent site and whine a little. [Read more…]

Goblet of Fire: Week 4 Review (Chapters 1-30)

Goblet of Fire: ‘The Riddle House’ & ‘The Scar’ (Chapters 1 & 2)

Goblet of Fire: ‘The Invitation’ & ‘Back to the Burrow’ (Chapters 3 & 4)

Goblet of Fire: ‘Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes’ & ‘The Portkey’ (Chapters 5 & 6)

Goblet of Fire: ‘Bagman and Crouch’ & ‘The Quidditch World Cup’ (Chapters 7 & 8 )

Goblet of Fire: ‘The Dark Mark’ & ‘Mayhem at the Ministry’ (Chapters 9 & 10)

Goblet of Fire: ‘Aboard the Hogwarts Express’ & ‘The TriWizard Tournament’ (Chapters 11 & 12) [Read more…]

Goblet of Fire: The Dream & The Pensieve (Chapters 29 & 30)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Chapters 29-30

Mark True statements with a “T” and False statements with an “F.” Spelling Counts. Please write your thoughts about the Discussion Points in the Comment Boxes below the quiz.

1. _____ Harry, Ron, and Hermione go round and round about the disappearance of Barty Crouch. They send an owl to Sirius the next morning and overhear Fred and George arguing about sending a blackmail note by owl or not.

2. _____ The Trio head to Professor Moody’s office but he assures them he didn’t find anything in the woods. He tells Potter to get to work on the Third Task and asks Ron and Hermione to help him as much as they can. [Read more…]