The Mother Lode: 250 Hunger Games Products For Sale –

by John on March 12, 2012

At one web site, CafePress! From the GalleyCat article on this veritable cornucopia (ahem) of Panem t-shirts and bling:

The online marketplace CafePress has launched an official store for merchandise promoting the upcoming adaptation of The Hunger Games.

The store stocks 250 items, ranging from dog t’s to aprons to stadium blankets to $18 teddy bears. If you visit the Hunger Games Facebook application, fans can create a free ID card and pretend they are doomed characters inside the popular book series.

Need that District 12 stainless steel Tribute Water Bottle? It’s here for only $28. [The stein is a little more.] How about a ‘Mellark Bakery’ hoodie? $34, in any of six colors. Your very own Mockingjay symbol embossed iPad with “May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!”? Oh, yeah, they have one. If you have to ask “how much?” you cannot afford it.

After the jump, a set of links to the more than 250 Hunger Games products you can order to help lock-down your identification with the coolest Capitol franchise since The Beatles… to include thongs, boxers, and briefs. Don’t miss out!

For those Peeta panties, ladies, in the pictures above, check out Team Peeta Women’s Boy Brief

“Team Peeta: A Sensitive Soul With Great Buns!”

About Women’s Boy Brief
Ladies, sexy meets comfy in these eye-catching Team Peeta Women’s Boy Brief Briefs. Inspired by the classic men’s briefs (but made for the style-conscious ladies), it features an authentic fly and cozy elastic waistband. You go girl !

Cotton/Spandex blend jersey
95% Cotton, 5% Elastane
Elastic waistband and trim
Form fitting
Made in the USA by American Apparel

You can also get Peeta thongs and Gale Underwear (panties, boxers, and briefs).

Or cookies and party favors here!

More? Go for it!

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(Hat tip to Deborah on the cookies!)

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