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Shared Text (Not Safe For Work)

Andrew Schulz clearly knows next to nothing about Harry Potter. Note that in the above routine that he mentions “Harry Potter the Musical” in reference to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which for all its glories (failings?), is not a musical.

Having said that, it’s interesting to observe that he does understand, as in “know for certain,” that his audience will get  a Harry Potter joke and especially enjoy an equal parts playful and tasteless spell in Latin. Because everybody knows Harry Potter.

Shared Text: Unvaccinated Pure Bloods

To read more about the phenomenon, apparently a year old now, of those who have successfully resisted the mRNA inoculations, the ‘Great Unvaxxed,’ that want to be known as “Pure Bloods,” read this Newsweek piece: Vaccine Skeptics Are Calling Themselves ‘Pure Bloods’ in Bizarre Harry Potter Reference. I believe this is known as a “own-goal” in soccer, which is to say, if you’re going to choose a Harry Potter reference as your hashtag identity, the one that is an anything but subtle pointer to eugenics and fascism is not your best bet.

I call this a ‘Shared Text’ item because the response to this nomenclature adoption has been almost universal scoffing, which is to say, everyone but the TikTok Pure Bloods seems to understand immediately the Hogwarts Saga reference. I wonder, though, if the failing of those who adopted the title to recognize how they were casting themselves as bad guys means that they certainly don’t have the Rowling novels’ nuances as a sure point of reference. [Read more…]

Shared Text: SNL Channels Dobby

Pete Davidson is a comedian who for the last eight years has been a member of the cast at NBC’s Saturday Night Live. He’s leaving the show at the end of this season, so, as SNL heads into summer re-runs, Davidson took the opportunity last Saturday to thank Lorne Michaels, the show’s producer, for giving him a chance back in the day and for sticking with him through thick and thin.

Before he got all sentimental and grateful, though, Davidson did his straight man routine with Colin Jost, one of the two faux-anchors on the show’s ‘Weekend Update’ segment. Jost asked him if it was true he was really leaving the cast. Davidson showed in his answer what a Potter-head he really is — and how confident he was that his audience would get the joke.

That is testimony to Harry Potter continuing to be this generation’s Shared Text. No explicit mention of Dobby, the Boy Who Lived, or Malfoy freeing his house-elf by mistake. It wasn’t necessary; “accidentally gifted me a sock so I’m free” instantly brought Dobby’s liberation to the mind of the audience.

Shared Text: Hillary Clinton is Voldemort

American Democrats weaponized Harry Potter years ago. ‘Republicans for Voldemort’ bumper stickers, for example, were ubiquitous during the Obama years. It didn’t hurt that The Presence all but endorsed that meme:

The Chinese Communists, too, have enjoyed calling their enemies “the Dark Lord.” In 2014 it was Japan and in 2021 it was the United States. Leftists owned the field, it seemed, in energizing their base via Voldemort epithets.

Now, though, it seems the GOP is turning the tables on the Dumbledore’s Army division in the Democratic Party. For one thing, former Moaning Myrtle’s vocalist Nina Jankowicz has been forced to step down from her leadership position in the Biden Administration’s ‘Ministry of Truth.’ Now Hillary Clinton, of all people, has been branded with the Dark Lord sobriquet, ‘She Who Must Not Be Named.’

Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley predicted that Hillary Clinton will avoid “direct responsibility” for pushing claims of former President Trump’s collusion with Russia Friday on “Special Report.”

TURLEYHillary Clinton has always had a sort of Voldemort-like status of she who must not be named in a scandal. The Clintons have really been able to avoid direct responsibility in a series of scandals. And here was her campaign manager effectively dropping the dime on his former boss and saying, “Look, she approved it. She knew about it.” Now, the reason that’s important is that this claim was utterly ridiculous. It didn’t have a basis. It was quickly rejected by people in the government, and it was without any foundation when people looked at it. But the Clinton campaign pushed it anyway. This Alfa Bank story was pushed by Jake Sullivan, now the national security adviser, and by Clinton herself. But the thing to keep in mind is that President Obama was briefed when he was president, that Hillary Clinton was planning to make a Russian collusion claim against Donald Trump to try to sort of get out of her own email issues during the campaign. And we now have someone saying, “Yeah, she green-lighted the Alfa Bank claims,” which were completely without foundation. 

If you’re not up to speed on the story of how the Clinton campaign and the Dark Lady herself fed a story they knew to be false to the FBI and The New York Times in October 20126, you can read about it here and here. A short cut to the heart of it is on this Glenn Greenwald twitter thread:

This is a ‘Shared Text’ story, though, because, while I’m pretty sure that many of you picked up the ‘Ministry of Truth’ reference to Eric Blair’s 1984 above, I’m all but certain that every single listener to this Fox News broadcast segment ‘got’ what the talking head was saying when he called Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton “Voldemort-like” and “She Who Must Not Be Named.” Harry Potter, despite the transgender controversy and attempts to cancel J. K. Rowling, remains this generation’s (and the one or two before it?) Shared Text. Hat-tip to a friend in Texas for the FOX News story and link.

Shared Text: SNL, JKR, and Harry Potter

Where do you start? That the two actors cannot pronounce Rowling’s name correctly? That the Gingrott’s Goblins are not cartoon Jews? That the transphobic controversy, #RIPJKRowling, is a hate-driven Cancel Culture social-media production?

Oh, well. At least Robby Coltrane had the courage to speak in defense of Rowling. And Davidson’s Dobby Look Alike joke was pretty funny…

Why this post? The Shared Text point is that there is no other written work by any author that Pete Davidson, confessed non-reader, could have referred to and been so sure that his audience would get the jokes. Maybe someday she’ll be so famous that everyone will know how to pronounce her pen and maiden name?