A Potter Postcard from the Quidditch Tournament of the Stars 2016

quidditch6803Dear Readers: please enjoy this digital postcard from this past Saturday, which I spent enjoying Muggle Collegiate Quidditch at the Tournament of the Stars, hosted by The Ohio State University Quidditch league. The play was physical, tiring-looking, and lasted all day. We were exhausted just from watching it! If you think Muggle Quidditch isn’t serious business, check out the official US Quidditch website. And if you’ve never been exposed to this sport before, the postcard will be a good introduction the quirky world of Muggle Quidditch.

Please share your own observations and experiences regarding Muggle Quidditch in the comments.


  1. hey i love everything about this and there should be a 40+ quidditch league for us [well, you can join in a few years, ha!].

    i’m wondering: is clutching the stick really necessary? maybe there’s a way to keep this game evolving and figure out a new way for there to be the idea of a stick. that adaptation just doesn’t seem quite right yet if you ask me. hmmmmm.

  2. I sent this on to friends in currently non-quidditch schools. But am I correct that these are all male teams? If so, are you kidding? In 2016?!

  3. Emily Strand says

    Nope, Dave – Quidditch is absolutely co-ed. Re-watch the vid and look for the female seeker who catches the Snitch. She rocked! I did notice that there may have been more male players than female (I didn’t count), as this game is full-contact and very rough at times. But from what I overheard on the sidelines, there are female-player quotas to be met by each team during play. You can check out all the rules at usquidditch.org. Thanks for passing this along!

  4. Thank you, Emily! That would be important for enlisting other schools to join. I love the “full-contact” comment…I watch lots of college soccer and basketball and notice that the old “non-contact sport” is a myth today. Both men and women are playing a way that would have had me in an ambulance during my college days.

  5. Emily Strand says

    Amen, brother. I’m encouraging my son toward chess…

  6. Hi! I really enjoyed your video. I’m glad you had a great time at Tournament of the Stars and learning about Quidditch. I just wanted to correct one of your labels in the video- when you’re talking about the snitch, you play a clip of “Ohio State vs. Indiana.” The clip is actually of Ohio State and Rochester Institute of Technology.

  7. Emily Strand says

    Laurel, thanks so much for that correction, with apologies to RIT. Thanks for traveling all this way to play Quidditch! I have added your correction to the YouTube comments as well.

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