Goblet of Fire: The Egg and the Eye & The Second Task (Chapters 25 & 26)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Chapters 25-26

Mark True statements with a “T” and False statements with an “F.” Spelling counts. Write your responses to the Discussion Questions in the Comment Boxes below.

1. _____ Harry finally takes Cedric’s advice – and learns in the Prefect bathroom that the Second Task requires breathing underwater for up to an hour! Moaning Myrtle tells him about the Mer-people in the Lake.

2. _____ The Marauder’s Map reveals “Bartemius Crouch” in Snape’s storeroom. Harry goes to investigate, catches his leg in a stairway hole, and is confronted by a curious Filch, Mrs. Norris, and Severus Snape. Filch has Harry’s egg.

3. _____ Professor Moody arrives in the nick of time to rescue Harry and the Map. He had been investigating the break-in in Snape’s office when he heard the search for Harry going on at the stairs. He bullies Snape and Filch into leaving the scene.

4. _____ “Mad-Eye” Moody tells Harry that Bartemius Crouch is second only to himself in being really crazy about searching for Dark Wizards.

5. _____ Moody explains that Crouch hates “Death Eaters who walked free” and asks Harry if he can borrow the Marauders Map to keep track of Crouch. He urges Harry to consider a career as an Auror.

6. _____ Ron and Harry are convinced that Harry’s experience on the stairway point to Professor Snape’s still being evil. “Some spots don’t come off.”

7. _____ Harry, Ron, and Hermione begin an intensive search for some way for Harry to breathe underwater. Fred and George take Ron and Hermione to Professor Filch’s office and Harry is left to find the answer himself.

8. _____ Dobby saves Harry with a handful of Gillyweed that turns Harry into something like a fish. He escapes from the Grindylows, and, with some help from Myrtle, he finds the four friends tied to the tail of a giant statue.

9. _____ Harry tries to rescue everyone but Cedric and Viktor arrive and just take their true loves to the surface. Harry drags Fleur’s sister and Ron up, almost drowning, and learns he has misunderstood the Mer-people’s egg-song.

10. _____ Dumbledore has a conference with Merchieftainess Murcus and the Tri-Wizard Tournament judges and they decide to give Harry full marks for showing “moral fiber” by trying to rescue all the hostages. Harry buys Dobby lots of socks.

Discussion Points: We know the four champions represent the four elements. How do their loved ones represent these elements? What do their different relationships reflect? Does this explain, at least in part, why Harry can’t leave anyone behind?


  1. 1.T 2.F 3.F 4.F 5.F
    6.F 7.F 8.T 9.T 10.F

    We know the four champions represent the four elements. How do their loved ones represent these elements?

    Harry, fire, Cedric, earth, Fleur, air, and Viktor, water. Right? Ron Bilous Weasley is Mr. Choleric (fire), Hermione the brainiac (air), Cho the tearful and romantic (water), and Gabrielle the Gaul gets to be earth… Pretty weak.

    What do their different relationships reflect?

    I’m tempted to say the four loves, but I’m missing one, aren’t I? Philo dough between Ron and Harry (friendship), familial love between Fleur and kid sister (storge), and rocking eros between the two couples, Cho and Cedric and Viktor and Hermione. Harry shows the sacrificial agape love while in the lake, his “saving people thing” and Viktor and Hermione aren’t lovers, I don’t think. What do you think?

    Does this explain, at least in part, why Harry can’t leave anyone behind?

    I suppose the heroic Harry’s love for his Wheezy doesn’t reflect his central power, his capacity for love, and only his rescuing all the hostages, agape-style and as Quintessence, does.

    I look forward to reading your thoughts.

  2. I’m still focused on answering the questions, which is, admittedly, the less interesting part of this review series.

    But I have to claim that #2 is false, since Filch couldn’t really “confront” a Harry that he couldn’t see underneath the cloak. (JG, you’ve given us some fine details to produce false answers, so I’m holding firm on this one!)

    Still only one 10/10 for me, so the questions are at just the right level of difficulty, I’d say.

    The sequence on the staircase in ch. 25 may reflect more than any other in the book that among Harry’s many qualities, luck is surely one of the big ones. How he managed to not get caught this time has to be either providential, or just a big case of suspension of disbelief.


  3. Hmmm. Can I confront someone without knowing they’re there? Harry was confronted by a threatening situation of which Filch, Mrs. Norris, and Severus but it is a stretch to say they confronted him when they didn’t know he was there.

    Answer reversed. #2 is False.

  4. JohnABaptist says

    I suspect you need to revert to the origianl answer or accept either answer on #2 as Webster seems to imply that confront includes the concepts of “bordering”, “facing” and “challenging” someone or something. It does not seem require knowing who or what the thing confronted is. In fact, a common use of confront is in phrases such as “…confronted by the unknown….”

    Filch is audibly challenging Peeves, incorrectly as is customary for Filch, but he is definitely acting in a confrontational manner.

    Additionally, both Mrs. Norris and Severus know someone is somewhere immediately ahead. Mrs Norris is described as smelling the scent of bubble-bath and Snape is described as staring right at Harry and calling him by name. So I would say that both of them also qualify as “confronting” Harry since they knew someone or something was in the direction they were facing and was in very close proximity to them.

    Ahhhh–I had forgotten how much fun it could be to split and re-split hairs over the minutest triviality of meaning hidden within a question in hopes of bettering your mark. I do believe I acquired the more valuable part of my education in that manner.

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