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Mockingjay Discussion 16: Katniss’ Meadow Song

There are two songs that Katniss Everdeen sings for us in Mockingjay. The first, ‘The Hanging Tree,’ is new to us but is the heart and focus of the series finale. If you wondered why Finnick, then Katniss, and finally Peeta spent a good part of the book tying nooses with remnant pieces of rope, the answer is in the haunting call of the hanged man that they are heeding.

I wrote about ‘The Hanging Tree’ at some length yesterday and I hope you will read that post before this one on the other song in Mockingjay. That song isn’t named but we have heard it in each of the series’ three books and always at a critical juncture. For lack of a proper name, I’ll call it ‘The Meadow Song.’ Let’s review its appearances in each Hunger Games novel before attempting to explain why it is the theme of the series and how it relates to Mockingjays’ ‘Hanging Tree.’ [Read more…]

Mockingjay Discussion 15: The Hanging Tree

I’ll argue tomorrow that Katniss’ ‘Meadow Song’ is the theme of the Hunger Games trilogy and that the reference to it in the epilogue ties the finale into the series, but today I want to open a thread here about ‘The Hanging Tree’ and its multiple occurrences in Mockingjay. It is the heart of the finale and a key to its most profound and challenging meaning. Let’s look at the song, where it shows up, and what it means to Katniss  before beginning that discussion.

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Goblet of Fire: Whole Book O.W.L.[JAB]

Goblet of Fire: Whole Book O.W.L.

Mark True statements with a “T” and False statements with an “F” for Part 1. For Part 2, write your answers to any or all of the short answer questions in the com boxes below.

Part 1: True/False Questions

1._____ Goblet of Fire opens with the story of the mysterious murder of three Muggles in “the Riddle House” in Little Hangleton. The patrons in ‘The Hanged Man’, the local pub, believe there was dark magic involved.

2._____ Harry wakes up on Privet Drive when the scar on his forehead burns “beneath his fingers as though someone had just pressed a white-hot wire to his skin.” He goes to the mirror with a vivid recollection of his dream in his head.

3._____ Dudley Dursley’s school asked his parents to put him on a diet over summer vacation because “the school outfitters didn’t stock knickerbockers big enough for him anymore.” Grapefruit quarters for breakfast! Yummy.
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Goblet of Fire: ‘The Riddle House’ & ‘The Scar’ (Chapters 1 & 2)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Chapters 1-2

Mark True statements with a “T” and False statements with an “F.”

1. _____ Goblet of Fire opens with the story of the mysterious murder of three Muggles in “the Riddle House” in Little Hangleton. The patrons in ‘The Hanged Man’, the local pub, believe there was dark magic involved.

2. _____ The autopsy report on the dead Muggles said “the Riddles all appeared to be in perfect health – apart from the fact that they were all dead.” [Read more…]

Placeholder Post: Cormoran Strike Errors Corrected In Later Editions

As the Cormoran Strike series grows in length, complexity and number of readers, more and more errors are noticed by sharp-eyed fans. Just as with Harry Potter, some of those errors are being corrected in later editions.

This post is being compiled to both collect all Hogpro posts on book errors we have found, and as a place to report any corrections or changes readers spy in later editions. Please list in the comments sections.


  1. Errors first noted in Cuckoo’s Calling.
  2. Errors from Lethal White.
  3. Errors from Troubled Blood
  4. The life and times of Donald Laing gets its own post. 
  5. Rowling/Galbraith is not good with dates. 
  6. I mean, really, really not good. 


  1. The most elaborate (and probably least necessary, since the will was still invalid!) correction was the addition of Aussie-Vashti-Saleswoman Mia Thompson to The Cuckoo’s Calling. This was the most elaborate correction seen in Ms. Rowling’s work to date, requiring the addition of a new named character and edits of multiple chapters.

2. One error caught quite early, and therefore present in only the first printing of Troubled Blood, was a continuity error when Strike and Robin were enjoying fish and chips in Skegness. Strike discovered he was out of cigarettes. He suggests buying some. Then, Robin is surprised by Gloria Conti’s message.  After their exchange on this topic, Strike “lights himself another cigarette.” Then, a mere few lines later, they “set off in search of cigarettes.”  This error was fixed in later editions of the hardback, the audiobook and the paperback.

3. The TB audiobook also initially changed the name of Strike’s oldest woman friend from Ilsa (“Ill-sah”) to Isla (“Eye-lah”). Thus was largely corrected in later editions.

4. Hogpro reader PerLish kindly pointed out that the “newborn Lucy” who was left in St. Mawes with four-year old Strike has now been amended to “2-year-old,” in the paperback version of Troubled Blood, making the siblings’ relative ages consistent with the rest of the series.

When I passed this information on to the Twitter group, participant @LudicrousMonica checked her Troubled Blood paperback and found a few others:

5. In Chapter 21, “Irene and Janice’s row” is corrected to “Irene and Margot’s row.”

6. The original chapter 36 had Cynthia Phipps offering to make coffee, then coming back and pouring everyone tea, then refilling Roy’s tea, then Roy taking “another sip of coffee.”  It has been corrected to be 100% tea. Note:  We missed this error in our summary post.

7. Thankfully, Robin is now remembering going to three funerals in her life. She first speaks of her grandfather’s funeral, when she dropped out of university.  Strangely, however, the following paragraph, about Rochelle Onifade’s cremation, still begins with “The only other funeral…” Mrs. Cunliffe’s services–and the fact that Robin nearly missed them–still don’t get a mention.  Rather bizarre; if you are going to correct it, why not do a full job of it? Surely space wasn’t an issue, after the wordage devoted to Mia Thompson?

Alas, Dave Polworth’s mother is still in Schrodinger’s Cat limbo. 

I hope this post will inspire holders of all the paperbacks to go back and take a look to see what else has been changed.  Please enter in the comments so we can maintain a master list.