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MuggleNet Academia: Harry Potter and the Hunger Games — District 9 3/4?

HogwartsProfessors Elizabeth Baird-Hardy and John Granger talk with Drs Amy H. Sturgis and Lana Whited at MuggleNet Academia about the new book Critical Insights: The Hunger Games. The book, edited by Prof Whited, includes essays by a host of Potter Pundits, to include Profs Baird-Hardy, Sturgis, and another HogwartsProfessor faculty member, Louise Freeman. Keith Hawk produced the show, as always, and it was a rollicking adventure, trust me.

First, find out how Hunger Games resolves the Gordian Knot of Dystopian fiction, what the series draws from Appalachian culture, and what serious readers of Harry Potter recognize in Katniss’ adventures from their experiences within the Wizarding World. Then? Let me know what you think of the show in the comment boxes below! Enjoy!

A Hogwarts Psychology Professor Counts Down to Mockingjay: Part Three of Hunger Games and PTSD

My video series wraps up with a look into the neuroscience of hijacking, and how feasible the process could be in the future. Learn about how memories are being created and re-written in laboratory mice, and how this technology can be used for good, or for evil.

A Hogwarts Psychology Professor Counts Down to Mockingjay! Part Two of Hunger Games and PTSD

The second in my video series talks about the various attempts to cure Peeta of his hijacking, and what that tells us of modern therapies for PTSD.  Will Prim, the Doogie Howser of District 13, turn out as much of a psychological prodigy as she is in medicine?  View and see!

A Hogwarts Psychology Professor Counts Down to Mockingjay! Part one of Hunger Games and PTSD

Tonight, I had the privilege of speaking on behalf of the Mary Baldwin Psi Chi psychology honor society about psychology in the Hunger Games series, in honor of the premiere of the last Hunger Games movie.  I have recorded the talk in three parts and I invite Hogpro readers to view and comment.

Part one focuses on the fear conditioning process that was used to hijack Peeta, and how it develops, in some patients–including several of our favorite Hunger Games characters–into post-traumatic stress disorder. Which characters would genuinely be diagnosed with PTSD?  Tune in and find out!

The Hunger Games: Shared text and First Family Favorite?

President Obama joked about the number of candidates jumping into the 2016 Presidential fray, remarking that there are almost enough for a Hunger Games.  This isn’t the first time he has referred to the popular franchise; he mentioned it back at the 2013 Thanksgiving turkey pardon. Barack-Obama-shopping-in--005And we know Sasha and/or Malia were reading it as far back as 2010. The question is, did their father borrow their copy, or glean his knowledge from the movies?

In any case, I think Trump and Christie get cast as the Careers.