Unlocking Mockingjay: The Complete Set of Posts And a Round-up of the First 30 Discussion Points

HogwartsProfessor’s three mavens have devoted the better part of three weeks to discussion of  Mockingjay, the third Hunger Games novel and, now that we have reached 30 posts and I have completed the third and last part of my ‘Unlocking’ series on the more esoteric, allegorical meanings of the trilogy, it seems a good time to return to our regular programing. This is not the end of our Hunger Games conversation or even the beginning of the end, but just the end of the beginning.

To mark this transition and to provide a ‘one-stop’ location for the HogPro Mockingjay Discussion Collection, here are links to the complete ‘Unlocking’ set and, below the jump, the first 30 Discussion Threads as well as the pre-Mockingjay posts.  Thank you to everyone who has joined us these last three weeks, especially to our Guest Post writers; tomorrow I’ll be announcing our next HogwartsProfessor adventure. Stay Tuned!

‘Unlocking Mockingjay: The Spiritual Allegory’ On Katniss as a Soul Seeking Perfection and Iconological Reading

‘Unlocking Mockingjay: ‘The Literary Alchemy’ On Literary Alchemy and Peeta as Postmodern Christ

‘Unlocking Mockingjay: Katniss’ Apotheosis’ On the Alchemical Arena and Katniss’ Perfection in the Inner Sanctuary

[When you’re done with these posts from 2010, be sure to read 35 more from March, 2012, the HogPro Hunger Games Month: March Madness Hunger Games HogPro Posts Round-Up!]

Please forgive the brevity and lack of depth in the first ten threads which were launched the morning after the midnight publication of the book.

Mockingjay Discussion 1: Team Peeta?

Mockingjay Discussion 2: District 13

Mockingjay Discussion 3: War and Television

Mockingjay Discussion 4: The Pearl Plot?

Mockingjay Discussion 5: The Three Sure Things

Mockingjay Discussion 6: Series Continuity

Mockingjay Discussion 7: Gale Hawthorne

Mockingjay Discussion 8: Blood and Roses

Mockingjay Discussion 9: The Assassin

Mockingjay Discussion 10: Predictions Scorecard

Mockingjay Discussion 11: Review Revue

Mockingjay Discussion 12: Real or Not Real?

Mockingjay Discussion 13: President Hillary Coin?

Mockingjay Discussion 14: The Hunger Games Formula

Mockingjay Discussion 15: The Hanging Tree

Mockingjay Discussion 16: Katniss’ Meadow Song

Mockingjay Discussion 17: Books vs. Broadcast

Mockingjay Discussion 18: Harry Potter’s Shadow

Mockingjay Discussion 19: Shadows of Twilight

Mockingjay Discussion 20: A Children’s Book?

Mockingjay Discussion 21: What the Votes Tell Us

Mockingjay Discussion 22: Ring and Mirror Composition

Mockingjay Discussion 23: What Have I Unleashed on My Students?

Mockingjay Discussion 24: So Whatever Happened to…?

Mockingjay Discussion 25: A Week Later

Mockingjay Discussion 26: Getting to the Ballad Roots of ‘Hanging Tree’

Mockingjay Discussion 27: The Meaning of Prim’s Cat and Kat-niss

Mockingjay Discussion 28: Was Peeta Right about the Revolution?

Mockingjay Discussion 29: Is Mockingjay an NRA Advertisement?

Mockingjay Discussion 30: Hunger Games and the Lord of the Rings

And the Pre-Mockingjay posts? Here are all those, too:

Posts by John Granger:

Who is the Mockingjay? The Hidden Key to The Hunger Games (2/13/2010)

Who is the Mockingjay? Discussion 1 (2/16/2010)

Who is the Mockingjay? Discussion 2 (2/17/2010)

Who is the Mockingjay? Discussion 3 — Fan Site Feedback (2/17/2010)

Unlocking the Hunger Games: The Four Layers of Meaning (2/22/2010)

The Pearl Plot, Version 2.0 (3/1/2010)

Alchemists Everywhere! A Hogs Head PubCast (3/25/2010)

Hunger Games Strategy Board Game (8/1/2010)

Suzanne Collins to be at Finale Release Party (8/10/2010)

New Yorker: Hunger Games = High School (8/14/2010)

Suzanne Collins: Writing “War Stories”? (8/15/2010)

EW: Suzanne Collins on the Books She Loves (8/16/2010)

Countdown to Mockingjay: The 13 District Blog Tour (8/17/2010)

Mockingjay Rubedo: The Scent of Blood and Roses (8/18/2010)

Mockingjay Predictions: Three ‘Sure Things’ (8/19/2010)

Guest Post: The Capitol is Capitol Hill (8/20/2010)

Mockingjay Predictions: The Death of Peeta (8/20/2010)

Mockingjay Prediction: The Mystery of Cinna (8/21/2010)

Ten Out-On-A-Limb Mockingjay Predictions (8/22/2010)

Posts by Elizabeth Baird Hardy:

A Bird’s Eye View: Birds in The Hunger Games (3/22/2010)

Don’t Go Down in the Hole: Coal Miner’s Life in District 12 and Appalachia (4/14/2010)

Follow-Up Bird Thoughts: Ducks and Mockingjays (5/13/2010)

Some Muse-ings About Inspiration in Twilight and Hunger Games (6/08/2010)

Misery Loves Company: The New Yorker on YA Dystopian Fiction (6/13/2010)

Posts by Louise Freeman:

On Female Victors and Probability (6/04/2010)

On ‘Mark Evans’ and Hunger Games Names (6/04/2010)

Peeta Mellark as Neville Longbottom Echo (6/07/2010)

Hunger Games ‘Shipping Notes (6/14/2010)


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