News from Iran: Harry Potter a Zionist Conspiracy

We’ve covered the ‘Ayatollah Condemns Harry Potter” story before (way back in 2008), but, forgive me, this kind of thing is just so bizarre that it still leaves me shaking my head. It really isn’t anything like the cockeyed “Pope Condemns Harry Potter” story cooked up by some Star Chamber Catholics at the release of Order of the Phoenix. That is almost rational and reasonable compared to a new documentary on Iran’s Irinn teevee channel. This production asserts that ‘Harry Potter is a Zionist Plot to Promote Devil Worship.’

As Perelandra, who sent me the link observed, “Just when you thought that Harry-hatred couldn’t get any worse…. It’s fascinating that [the Muslim film makers] make the same “mockingbird fallacy” as some Christian critics–condemning the work for the villain’s views.” I’d only add the obvious: Harry’s Christian critics, for all their failings in charity and in grasping the 9th Commandment, never in my experience have written or said anything as off-the-wall as this anti-Semitic vitriol. The Onion satire was more credible and less offensive than this.


  1. I’ll be laughing about this all day long. THANK YOU for sharing.

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