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“It’s not going to be a problem at all, barely an inconvenience.”

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Troubled Blood BBC1 Trailer Thoughts

Louise Freeman posted a link yesterday to the trailer thas been released for the Bronte Studio’s adaptation of Troubled Blood for BBC1, a series of four shows that will be released on 11 December, a prime time to promote the series before peak Christmas shopping.

It’s very brief but the clips provided are intriguing, both for what they show and do not show.

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Troubled Blood BBC Trailer Posted


See here.

It’s brief, so not a lot to see, but it is something.  The series airs for the UK on BBC December 11th, and apparently all 4 episodes will be released at once. No word on when it will be available in the US, though I’ll keep my eyes open for a Youtube copy.

The one thing I noticed was that Margot appears to be wearing cat, rather than bunny ears, suggesting the writers went with a fictional Playboy-like club, rather than the original.

Beatrice Groves – Silkworm and Ink Black Heart

As the first flush of excitement after the publication of Ink Black Heart has passed, many serious readers are now on to our first (or more!) re-reads. We are fortunate to have some enticing revelations from J. K. Rowling delivered during both her scripted and unscripted Q&A sessions.  Beatrice Groves, Research Lecturer and tutor at Trinity College, Oxford, and author of  Literary Allusion in Harry Potter, has written a Hogwarts Professor Guest Post: Silkworm and Ink Black Heart.


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Growing Trend: Rowling No Transphobe

Rosetta’s premises, process, and conclusions can be read on this twitter thread:

Rowling responded with gratitude: [Read more…]