Rowling Dares Scotland’s Government to Throw Her in Jail for Her Hate Crimes

It started last month.

Rowling promised a legislator that warned her she would be prosecuted for hate crimes if she continued to call “transgender women” men, i.e., stating a biological fact, that she would be prosecuted in April for committing a hate crime under a new law in Scotland.

Rowling promised him the “mother of all April Fool’s jokes” if he seriously thought she was going to stop speaking the truth for fear of incarceration.

Rowling then took a brief break from posting on Twitter after encouraging an international social media pile-on against a pathetic and almost certainly mentally ill former fan.

And today she tweeted from holiday outside Scotland her April Fool’s joke, an 11 piece thread with pictures of “transgender women,” ten men who dress as women and who as often as not abuse women in their role-playing, and spells out her objections to the new hate crimes law.





She ends this deliberate violation of the law with the hashtag #ArrestMe, a sentiment underlying her statement that she is looking “forward to being arrested when I return to the birthplace of the Scottish Enlightenment” “if what I’ve written here qualifies as an offence under the terms of the new act.”

Three quick notes on Rowling’s provocative act of civil disobedience:

(1) Betting Odds: I don’t know what the bookies in the UK have posted as probability and payouts for those wagering Rowling will or will not be arrested for deliberately, publicly, and defiantly breaking the new law in Scotland. I would bet, if I had any spare change, that her celebrity and continued status as “gay icon” (see the thread following the tweet above about her brief retreat from X) and as a politically progressive feminist protects her from prosecution of any kind.

Which is not to mention that she is right in highlighting as she did in her conclusion what a departure this legislation is from the tenets of the Scottish Enlightenment.

There will be cries from the usual suspects — India Willoughby of course has already made his call for her arrest — but nothing will be done. There is a two-tiered system of justice in the US and the UK and clearly Rowling stands above the law as a public person with barristers on retainer; no one in their right mind, granting that such a person exists among the ideologically impaired TRA ranks, wants to give The Presence the bully pulpit of standing in the dock as a prisoner charged with the crime of speaking her mind (and the truth).

(2) And Then Again — Maybe not!


Yousaf is a bit over the top, after all, with his PC rants bordering on hate speech against the great majority of white Scotsmen and Scotswomen.

I thought his comments in the run-up to the new law taking effect that “you have nothing to worry about” as long as you’re not obviously calling for violence against those who are gender muddled was his signaling that only working class Scots who speak their minds (and the truth) will be prosecuted for victimless thought crimes. That speech contra all white people as being necessarily prejudiced and racist makes me wonder if I wasn’t giving him too much credit as a calculating politician. Maybe he really does want to Perp Walk J. K. Rowling and get her booked as a criminal, complete with mugshot.

After all, there is president, I mean precedent, for this kind of political grandstanding and suicide, albeit in the US.

As with President Trump, the prosecution of J. K. Rowling would almost certainly mean a great boost to her popularity.

(3) Rowling’s Win: The author’s April Fool’s Day gambit, whatever the First Minister and his minions decide to do in response to her deliberate violation of the law and request to be arrested (!), is a win for her and the cause of free speech.

If she is in fact arrested, Rowling will have her day in court and Scotland will be humiliated, not only on social media but in the international press, for having abandoned the rights of free speech that is perhaps the Scots’ greatest legacy. There will be no greater stage for The Presence than being in the Dock, persecuted for speaking the truth, that is, asserting biological fact and social realities contra the gender-blender mob.

If she is not arrested on her return to Edinburgh, as again I think is far more likely, then the law is effectively gutted. Anyone who is subsequently prosecuted under the hate crimes legislation will be able to claim, should claim, that whatever he or she said, wrote, or tweeted does not compare to Rowling’s having messaged more than fourteen million people the faces and stories of ten “transgender women” with the assertion that these people “aren’t women at all, but men, every last one of them.” This plea, that because Rowling’s crimes were overlooked, all violations of the law must also be dismissed lest an evident double standard be confessed in the prosecution of offenders of the law, should win every time.

So, whatever the First Minister chooses to do, Rowling wins. The new law may be left on the books or repealed in good time; it won’t matter. The only crimes against “transgender” people that are prosecutable will be real crimes, not thought crimes or “hate speech.”

For which victory, all freedom loving and truth seeking people owe Mrs. Murray their thanks. I’m a great admirer and close reader of her work, of course, but I live on a different planet than she does with respect to our beliefs about the defining issues and ideas of our historical period (and sometimes I just have to lower and shake my head about her admittedly infrequent but usually tragic ‘Big Headed Girl’ behaviors). In this instance, however, I applaud her calculated use of her platform to confront an Orwellian bit of legislative overreach and effectively destroy it.

When the powerful act with boldness and daring on behalf of those without their privileged place, the relatively powerless, whose rights would be lost without such intervention, should doff their caps or salute him or her, as I do Rowling here.

Update:  She really wants her day in court. @PoliceScotland, the ball is in your, well, court.
















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