Rowling’s American Family

The Rowlings: Jo, Di, Bryony and Ben

It may not be common knowledge but J. K. Rowling has close family who are American citizens – living in the USA and working in the creative arts and who have spoken publicly of their connection to the more famous J. K. Rowling.

They are her two Rowling cousins, the children of her father’s brother, who are pictured on the right with Joanne and Dianne. After the jump find out more about author and voice actress B. J. Rowling and her musician brother Ben.

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J. K. Rowling’s Christmas Pig Interviews

Both videos below appear courtesy of The Rowling Library!

For The Sunday Times article, see The J. K. Rowling Index at The Rowling Library (where else?).

Thank you again to Patricio Tarantino and Company at The Rowling Library.

Alexandra Palace, JKR, Christmas Pig

Hogwarts Tournament of Houses to Premiere November 28th!

This website helped spread the word about this game show in the developmental stages. I made it through several stages of the contestant selection process, only to be turned down at the end. But, I was picked to be in the studio audience as a consolation prize. I’ll be posting more about the experience when the show premieres.

In the meantime, the first trailer was released today.  Blink and you’ll miss Ravenclaw, but we were there.

“For the Straightforward Path Was Lost”: A Few Starting Notes on The Christmas Pig

To get discussion started on The Christmas Pig, I thought I would post some thoughts, aligned with a few of our keys to interpretation, that I was left with after my first read through. Or, rather, first listen through. The audiobook proved really quite wonderful, with excellent cast and sound design. On any of these points below, consequently, much more can be said. These points are also not in any particular order as they are something of a collection of first impressions. The discussion below will not be spoiler free.
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