Harry Potter Tournament of Houses: The Gamemakers’ Perspective.

I was happy to see this interview from the Hollywood Reporter today. First, it has some great information, including that the show had more applicants than any other, which makes me feel better both about making it as far in the process as I did, and about not making the final cut.

Second, it’s the first publicity photo I have seen with our Hogwarts Professor recruitee!  Two thumbs up for David Martin! Tune in to see him tomorrow night at 8 EST! But while you are waiting, check out a few of his guest posts here, here and here!  It is obvious why his knowledge of Potter-dom caught Hollywood’s attention.


Helen Mirren talks “Hogwarts Tournament of Houses” –Preview with Spoiler Warning.

The countdown to Sunday’s premiere of the Hogwarts Tournament of Houses is underway. If you want a sneak preview, check out this 4-minute clip of host Dame Helen Mirren speaking about her show experience. But be forewarned, if you want absolutely no spoilers for question responses, steer clear. Otherwise tune in to see some shining moments of contestants, including one recruited via Hogwartsprofessor.com. 

With any luck, we’ll have some fascinating post-show analysis here, from both contestants and audience members!

Alexandra Palace, JKR, Christmas Pig

Hogwarts Tournament of Houses to Premiere November 28th!

This website helped spread the word about this game show in the developmental stages. I made it through several stages of the contestant selection process, only to be turned down at the end. But, I was picked to be in the studio audience as a consolation prize. I’ll be posting more about the experience when the show premieres.

In the meantime, the first trailer was released today.  Blink and you’ll miss Ravenclaw, but we were there.

Scholastic Tribute to Dick Robinson