Troubled Blood: Galbraith Interview

Hat tip to Nick Jeffery and Patricio Tarantino!

Strike and Spenser Part 3-Names, Beasts, and Stars (and more!)

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know we are traveling on a day-by-day first-read-through journey of Troubled Blood, and I am your tour guide for the Spenserian bits of the trip, pointing out interesting Faerie Queene­-related scenery as we go past it. Of course, the weeks, months, and (likely) years to come will yield much more exciting discoveries, as our author, under whichever name she chooses, Alumnus Donates Rare 1611 Edition of “The Faerie Queene” | Bluff Stuffwrites book series that hold up under multiple reads, with new treasures revealed each time.

Join me today for thoughts on Part 3, the Winter section, with Discontent aplenty and some great Spenser connections! Spoilers after the jump, brave travelers, so if you’ve made it past page 344, keep reading below!

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Paid Political Message, September 2020

Cormoran, Robin and the Deleted Phone Calls: Evidence of Strike’s Remarkable Insight.

In the countdown to Troubled Blood, every Strike fan out there must be, on some level, wondering what is next for Cormoran and Robin. Are they ready to acknowledge their feelings for each other? Or will they keep a safe distance, at least until Robin’s divorce from the Flobberworm is finalized, which would, of course, give Charlotte plenty of time to try to sink her claws into “Bluey” again?

One point has been bugging me since I first read Lethal White, so much that I paid special attention to it on my latest re-listen to the audio book. How does Strike find out the Flobberworm deleted his apology message to Robin, and blocked his calls?  Is this a plot hole, or is it more evidence that Cormoran recognizes who and what Matthew is long before anyone else, including Robin does?  For more of the story, continue after the jump. [Read more…]

Lethal White on BBC1: Trailer Release