Robin Ellacott is Sterile, Rowling Studies Podcast, and Lumos Fundraising Blitz

Three Quick News Announcements!

First, Robin Ellacott is Sterile! Or at least that’s what I argue over at the Substack site.  Check out Strike 8: Robin Ellacott is Sterile — Change My Mind!

Second, Nick Jeffery and I have recorded our first ‘Rowling Studies’ podcast a link to which conversation will be sent via email to all HogPro Substack subscribers by week’s end. We talked about Nick’s remarkable idea that Charlotte Campbell Ross did not commit suicide but was murdered. If you can’t wait to listen to Nick explain that theory, you can read his thoughts here: Strike8: The Charlotte Campbell Murder Mystery.

Last but not least, Lumos is in the midst of a Holiday Fundraising Blitz during which limited time every dollar donated will be matched by a generous Presence — and, because a Philanthropist-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named covers all their overhead, every penny will go to finding a institutionalized child or young adult a ‘Home for the Holidays.’ The HogwartsProfessor staff join with The Rowling Library in urging all our readers to participate — and quickly! The matching offer ends soon. Home for the Holidays — Double the Impact

Update: The Rowling Studies pilot podcast is posted: The Mysterious Death of Charlotte Campbell: Was It Suicide or Was It Murder? Check it out and let us know what you think!

Hollywood Gamemakers and Some Lovely Tunes: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes Comes to the Big Screen

Over ten years ago, I shared my thoughts  on the first Hunger Games  film, which was largely filmed just down the road from where I live and included some of my friends and students as extras. Despite the fact that the movie gave a nice tourism bump to my region and was a fun viewing experience since I had my English classes reading the novel, I am not particularly fond of it as an adaptation, and I saw the subsequent films as mixed bags that frequently failed to match my expectations compared to Suzanne Collins’s wonderful trilogy. Thus, when the film adaptation of The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes was announced, I was not particularly hopeful. The prequel to the original Hunger Games Trilogy is a brilliant novel, and I was not optimistic about what the Hollywood Gamemakers would do to it. I donned my T-shirt that says “The book was better,” and off I went to be underwhelmed, but overall, I was pleasantly surprised. Although there are certainly some aspects of the film I found lacking, there were others that hit some very nice notes, just like a song. Join me after the jump for some thoughts on sets, Snow, symbols, songs, and much more from The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. Be warned, spoilers and venomous reptiles lie ahead.

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Mikaila: We Didn’t Start the Fire

I vaguely remember posting this fan music video before but could not find it after a quick look in the archives.

It’s sufficiently catchy that I don’t mind the possibility of running it twice.

Anyone equal to creating a Cormoran Strike edition? Post your lyrics below!

Running Grave: Lethal White Parallels

It’s something of a Publication Week tradition here at HogwartsProfessor to provide an online space for Serious Strikers to share their discoveries as they find them, an alocal place for specific topics we have explored here in the past. The seven I am posting for Running Grave are:

As I explained in the Cuckoo’s Calling place-holder postRunning Grave should have significant echoing of the fourth book in the series, Lethal White, because thus far the six books have shown the qualities of a seven book ring cycle. Lethal White’s mysterious ‘Part Two’ page, too, being followed as it was by a near step by step retelling of the John Bristoe opening of Calling, points to that book as the story turn whose ending-echo will be found in Strike7, the closing part of the cycle (see ‘The Missing Page Mystery‘ and ‘The Missing Page Mystery, Part Two‘).

Does Running Grave feature another suicide staged by a jealous or angry family member — or a suicide that was staged by the dead person to seem to have been staged? Will we get Rosmersholm echoing with an incest revelation and a herd of spectral White Horses? What made you think, ‘Oh, this is just like Lethal White!’ as you were reading? Share your findings in the comment boxes below!

Running Grave: Deathly Hallows Echoes

It’s something of a Publication Week tradition here at HogwartsProfessor to put up posts for Serious Strikers to write up their discoveries as they find them, an alocal place for specific topics we explore here. The seven I am posting for Running Grave are:

‘Gaffes’ heads the list because it is the subject that generates the most reader responses. I include the Deathly Hallows parallels at #2 because the Parallel Series Idea — the theory that Rowling has been writing the Strike-Ellacott novels in playful echo of their apposite numbers in the Harry Potter series — has become such a focus of predictions and conversations here and elsewhere. (See the ‘Parallel Series Idea’ Pillar Post for the collection of evidence for the first six books.)

So, did Polworth die like Dobby did in Deathly Hallows as I predicted he would? Let us know the Strike-Potter Book Seven links you see in the comment boxes below!