Help Save Tolkien’s Northmoor Home

Project Northmoor Overview from Brian Boyd on Vimeo.

Go to for more information about the effort to create a Tolkien landmark site and museum and how you can help.

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Hidden (and obvious) Treasures on the Robert Galbraith Website

One of the great benefits of the sales numbers of the Strike novels, including Troubled Blood, is that there are some nice resources available for both casual fans and serious readers. And one of the wonderful aspects of the “old days” of Harry Potter excitement was the delightful Rowling website where we discovered her inspiration sketches and outtakes by watering virtual plants or making calls on a The Cuckoo's Calling readalongvirtual flip phone and where forthcoming books titles were revealed in Christmas decorations. While the “grown-up” Robert Galbraith website does not have quite as many (literal) bells and whistles (really, I tried my best to make those R and G type pieces spin or turn into something else), it does have some nice little tidbits that are both fun and useful for our serious reading adventures. If you have not already, you can sign up for the newsletter here as well. Join me after the jump for a review of some of the site features as well as a few wishes for forthcoming offerings at the online home of our Denmark heroes and their pseudonym-wielding creator.

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Graham Norton Welcomes Rowling to Discuss The Ickabog this Saturday

Britain’s Radio 2 and Graham Norton welcome J.K. Rowling on this Saturday’s show.

On November 14, J.K. Rowling joins Graham Norton on his BBC 2 show. She’ll be discussing The Ickabog, which is being released this week in a tasty hardback after being enjoyed in dainty online bites over many weeks. Both those who have yet to dig into the fairy tale and those who savored its Dickensian serial-release process can enjoy the bound edition, which is illustrated with art created by young readers whose work was submitted through the competition headed by Rowling’s team of international publishers. The proceeds of The Ickabog will go to charity, specifically Volant, which is aiding in Covid-19 relief.

If you’d like to hear Rowling chat with Graham Norton (and some other fun, book-related conversations, too!), visit the BBC2 website at 10 am (5 am EST for folks in the the U.S. Sorry) Saturday


The Ickabog: Rowling Facebook Event

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Troubled Blood: Galbraith Interview

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