Today’s the Day! (Well, technically, it’s Midnight tonight…)

Well, tonight is the big premiere! Our distinguished headmaster is off to the VIP viewing at Leaky-Con, folks are queuing up at the local cineplex, and the creative faithful are donning their robes and hats. We’ll have our thoughts up here, soon, of course, though John Granger and I will both be tied up at Leaky-Con for the next couple of days. We promise plenty of reports on our adventures! We are both speaking on Saturday, so we hope that anyone coming to the event will stop by to say hello! You can also pick up your signed copies of Harry Potter as Ring Cycle and Ring Composition and, hot off the presses, Harry Potter for Nerds (which includes some rip-roaring good articles from last year’s big blow-out, Inifinitus, and you can collect several of the contributors’ signatures all at one time!). Or, of course, you can always order those and other HogPro titles here! Okay, commercial over; now back to our regularly scheduled program of trying to draw a lightning bolt on one’s own forehead. Harder than it looks, that.


  1. Virtual Leaky-Con anyone?

    It seems XM radio has a Leaky-Con Channel going for the duration of the conference. The link they e-mailed me is:

    I have no idea if they’ll broadcast John’s talks; I hope so.

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