University College, Durham, the Real Hogwarts?

by John on March 10, 2011

A note today from a friend in the UK suggests that the University of Chicago, aka ‘Chicagwarts,’ is not the best claimant to the prize for ‘School Most Like the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.’ Bruce Charlton writes:

For a year I was a ‘Resident Don’ at University College, Durham, which is probably the only College other than Hogwarts that is situated in a real and purpose-built Castle (a Norman Castle, in fact)  (Durham Cathedral is in the background)

University College also has a Great Hall on Hogwarts lines – this view is facing towards the top table where the Dons sit.  So – does University College in the University of Durham, England win first place?

Really, Bruce, as a UChicago graduate, I’m not a fair judge in this contest. Using the calipers of age, location, and authenticity, University College, Durham, wins hands down. With a phoenix as a mascot, an exact replica of the Hogwarts Great Hall in Hutchinson Commons, and notoriety for peculiar teachers and graduates (say, “geek cubed”), the Quadrangles on Chicago’s South Side will probably win a few votes, even some outside the alumnae/i. (UChicago pictures below the jump.)

What say the HogPro All-Pros?

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