LeakyCon Orlando 2022 Health & Safety Policy: Vaccines, Tests, Masks Required

I got an email last month from Leaky Con inviting me to buy tickets to their Orlando event this July. The pictures in this post are all taken from that marketing blast. You’ll note that no one in these fotos is wearing a mask; everyone is shown enjoying the company of others without social distancing or shielding their faces with a screen or face covering.

Which is understandable because the last two and a half years of Leaky Cons have been canceled because of Pandemania and the lock-step conformity of venue owners and event sponsors with risible CDC and WHO recommendations lest they be subject to liability litigation. They don’t have any pictures of Leaky Con attendees partying down with face masks because the events they scheduled in the periods when they were required never happened.

For those considering attendance at this year’s Orlando Leaky Con, please be aware that they are standing by their draconian Covid-hysteric ‘Health and Safety Policy,’ something hidden in the darker recesses of their website:


All those in attendance at LeakyCon Orlando 2022 including, but not limited to, ticketed attendees, special guests, presenters, vendors, press, and staff, will be required to show either proof of full vaccination OR ​​a negative antigen COVID-19 test results from a testing done within 24 hours of entry to the event OR a negative PCR COVID-19 test result from a testing done within 72 hours of each day of entry to the event. Fully vaccinated is defined as at least 14 days after receiving the final vaccine in a one- or two-shot protocol with a vaccine approved by the FDA or WHO (including emergency use authorization).

Attendees will also be required to wear masks at all times during the event, except in designated areas for eating and drinking.

Any additional LeakyCon Orlando 2022 health and safety policies will be announced at a later date ahead of the event in line with the most up-to-date data and public health advice at that time.

This, though, may very well change before the July event. More on that after the jump!

I think that LeakyCon’s ‘Health and Safety Policy’ may change radically to ‘No Masks Required’ and ‘No mRNA Shot Proofs Necessary’ before the July event both because Florida is the state least concerned about these things (and has passed laws prohibiting mask and VAXX mandates by employers) and because the biggest employer in the state as well as the 800 pound gorilla Theme Park in Orlando, Walt Disney World, is dropping their requirements.

You may have heard that the Mighty Mouse in Orlando, Florida, has been having a bad month. They chose to condemn the Florida legislature and governor for considering and then passing a bill that criminalized the teaching of sexual matters to children in public schools up to Grade 3. As most Americans and the great majority of parents think that is a very good law indeed, Disney’s condemnation of the bill and announcement that they were committed to inject as much LGBTQ+ material as they could in their children’s entertainment offerings caused a flood of families and individual stockholders to cancel Anaheim and Orlando travel plans, to seek refunds for season tickets, and to sell their stock.

Disney’s response? Fire their communications director, go silent on the WOKE campaign, and announce they were dropping their VAXX and mask requirements at their theme parks, restrictions that were borderline draconian and overtly hostile to families who are mRNA treatment resistant. They back-pedaled as hard as they could, in other words, from brow-beating Floridians and other Americans not on board with everything the leftist regime has been selling the last several years.

That effort was too little, too late, as far as the Florida legislature and governor were concerned. They revoked the sweetheart deal that Disney had in the Sunshine State that gave the Magic Mouse something like tax-free status; Disney will be paying tens of millions of dollars they didn’t need to for ever and ever, amen, because they outed themselves as leading agents of the WOKE agenda.

So what? Leaky Con has gone full WOKE as well. If you doubt that, I urge you to read the pages that are not front and center on their web site or mentioned in their marketing emails. There is this ‘Statement from Leaky-Con about J. K. Rowling,’ for example. If you found that page, you’d learn that Leaky is “staunchly opposed to the fear and hatred that J.K. Rowling has been spreading about members of the trans and non-binary communities in recent years” and you’ll be told to read the GLAAD J. K. Rowling “accountability” “fact sheet,” on which page Rowling’s views are misrepresented and belittled.

You’d learn at their ‘Statement,’ too, that their aim is “to further distance ourselves from an author whose platitudes endanger people we care about” and that “we are actively reaching out to people within the trans and non-binary communities to ensure that we are meeting our goals.” At the very bottom of the page in miniscule type there is the message, “Learn more about LeakyCon’s ongoing commitment to inclusion here.”

That link takes you to the Chamber of Secrets, the Leaky Con 2022 Event Mission PolicyEvery single one of the Leaky Con five departments have taken the pledge to re-focus what they do as resistance to “the author of the Harry Potter series” who “has used her platform to promote harmful, transphobic rhetoric and actions.” Beyond a seemingly beyond irony commitment to not using Rowling’s name — literally ‘She Who Must Not Be Named’ — all of Leaky Con’s “mission” now is advocacy of trans-rights. Who knew that this ultra-WOKE thinking was the heart and soul of Harry Potter fandom?

That mission is not going to change before July, of course, but perhaps, as with Disney, the Universal Studios theme parks and associated venues in the area for conventions and the like will be scaling back the mask and mRNA shot requirements in the coming months. Forgive me, but who at these venues is going to be policing an in-your-face, on-your-face mask policy and VAXX papers requirement in Orlando in July?

I know at least two people who will be going and I’ll ask if he or she will write up what the gathering is actually like. If you’ve got tickets and are willing to share your experiences, please do let me know via the contact tab at the top of the web site.