Potted Potter in Las Vegas Until January

I confess that, when I read about this ‘Potted Potter’ show and its current run in Las Vegas, I thought of James Thomas’ Repotting Harry Potter: A Professor’s Book-by-Book Guide for the Serious Re-Reader, one of the first and still among the best of ancillary texts to the Hogwarts Saga. If you haven’t read it, you really should.

Instead ‘Potted Potter’ from its website page seems to be a two-man show that grew out of street theater which was meant to entertain those waiting in line outside bookstores in the UK for the 2005 release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Is it any good? I suppose it must have its moments, right? The seven book saga in seventy minutes, judging from the clip above, though, hardly seems like anything justifying a stage production outside of a fan convention’s ‘Best Of’ amateur hour, i.e., something akin to StarKidz.

Please let me know, though, if you’ve seen the show and what you think!

Addendum: HogwartsProfessor’s Prof Louise Freeman attended the show in 2012 and wrote a review, ‘Potted Potter Professor,’ that, without spoiling the show, tells you all you need to know about it!


  1. John, I saw the show 2 years ago in Victoria, BC (just across the water) and the place was packed and the audience was in love with the production and with the players (they even returned this year!). It is very similar to the “Reduced Shakespeare Company” (which I have seen live twice and is available on-line). Neither is “faithful” to the original…but who cares? It’s just a ton of fun, and delightful to be among those who are lovers of either.

  2. Louise Freeman says

    I thought it was good when I blogged about it 7 years ago, John.

  3. [Face-Palm]

    Prof Groves has written that she checks the HogPro archives when beginning to research a project (see the ‘Little Women’ post’s thread).

    Obviously I should do the same thing!

    The good news is that the write-up I hoped someone would do has already been done and done as well as I could have hoped it would have done and is at HogwartsProfessor!

    Thank you, Prof Freeman, for the link, for the 2012 article, and for the gracious correction of my request-made-in-forgetful-ignorance!

  4. Louise Freeman says

    The clip you provide is an odd choice: Hardly the best moment of the show.

  5. Alas, it was the only one I could find! If you know of others, please let me know…

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