5 June Ascendio Special! Save $20 Before Midnight Tonight!

Have you registered for the Harry Potter conference of the season?Tonight’s the Night!

Ascendio 2012 is running a special today, 5 June, where you can save $20 off registration or off the cost of Night of a Thousand Wizards 2, the Ascendio 2012 night inside ‘The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.’ I will be at Night of a Thousand Wizards that Thursday night and hope to be talking with friends in a Hogsmeade tavern about, well, anything you want to talk about. Who knows? Maybe Veronica Roth or Lev Grossman or Starkids will join us for a Butterbeer!

Here is the HPEF announcement (sorry I’m so late in picking up and sharing this tweet!):

We just sent our 2000th Tweet! We were limited to 140 characters (including the URL) so we’ve expanded it a bit here:

For the next 2000 minutes (in other words, until 11:59 PM on June 5) you can take 2000 pennies (that’s $20) off a Night of a Thousand Wizards 2 ticket for you or a friend! Just use the code N1K2K when you register for Ascendio or modify your registrationto add a NoaTW2 ticket.

The $20 discount code can be applied to tickets for registrants (otherwise priced at $140) or to the NoaTW2+ ticket for nonregistrants (otherwise priced at $155). The NoaTW2+ ticket includes access to the Common Room, Vendor Room and Art Gallery on Friday, July 13, too!

See you in Orlando!

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