WSJ: ‘Why the Hunger Games is Also the Gender Games’

The Lionsgate/Scholastic ‘Four Quadrants’ marketing plan for Hunger Games has been revealed in The Wall Street Journal! Watch the video and read the article.

Three quick notes before you share your comments:

(1) Why no comments about the Glamour magazine shots? Those cleavage numbers were aimed at whom? I’m guessing Glamour is a women’s magazine but those fotos probably have a lot to do with male interest in the film running as high as 48%.

(2) Not a peep here, either, about the in-your-face irony of this kind of marketing-styling of a story (product?) about the demeaning use of story by propagandists and film makers.

(3) 23.5 million copies of the novels sold and rising… The films could be a bust or just break even and they’ve already done a great service in drawing in that many readers to Suzanne Collins’ remarkable work.

Your thoughts? Sound off below! (Hat tip to Rev George)

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