A Peck of Owls: Beautiful Birds Endangered by and in Support of Harry Potter Global Fandom

According to a recent foxnews article, owls in India are being endangered by obsessive HP fans who want them as pets (though it seems that the real danger to the birds lies in their valuable body parts which are sold by Slughorn types to make a buck). In stark contrast to this odd situation, our very own headmaster’s excellent presentation at Lees-McRae College last week had special owl guest stars. The college hosts a wonderful wildlife rehab center, and some of its “stars” are beautiful owls who cannot be released back into the wild.  The kind folks at the college cleverly decided to bring along a few of the owls to the program (which drew a large number of humans, too). Nob, in particular, was a big hit, as he is Pigwidgeon size. Follow the jump to see some great pictures (thanks Sarah Jane!)


  1. Cute owl. Out of curiosity, is there a reason you’re wearing gray and blue instead of black and white? Do gray and blue have anagogical meaning, too? Heh.

  2. Sarah Jane says

    You’re very welcome, Mrs. Hardy, and I’m so glad that the pictures turned out well! Hearing Mr. Granger speak (three times!) was a real treat. He opened up new concepts and ideas that I’m thrilled about delving into more as time goes along. My head was buzzing so much in the couple of days after I heard him speak that all I could think about in my Tuesday morning biology class was the literary symbolism of the elements on the periodic table and how the Krebs cycle vaguely resembles ring composition. Ha! Thanks again for bringing him to our area!

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