A&E “Hidden Secrets of Harry Potter” on YouTube

If you don’t want to stay up until three in the morning to watch all the neat film clips from the sets of Order of the Phoenix, the A&E teevee special “The Hidden Secrets of Harry Potter” is now posted on YouTube. Steve Vander Ark of the Lexicon, Janet Batchler of What Will Harry Do?, and your friend, the Hogwarts Professor, make their appearances in between chats with Daniel Radcliffe and gang.

Thanks to Accio Quote Lisa, once again, for this link.

Did anyone tivo or post the interviews I did with Alex Witt on MSNBC 8 July? That was fun, too.


  1. It was great, John. I really thought that all of your comments (though I’d like to have heard all that the three of you had to say), with the narration from Jason Isaacs, and the comments by the cast and director, etc, with clips from the movies was all very insightful. It was nice that it was all being tied together that way.

    I was still up at 2 am and watched it a second time–good job, all of you.

    Oh, you might want to get the Lexicon to add the link to your latest book, they only list two.


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