All Aboard the Hogwarts Express! A Virtual Platform 9 3/4?

If you’re like me, you’re receiving a lot of email these days from the Wizarding World of Orlando about the new park opening this summer. For those who have missed out, you can see online versions here and here.

Is anyone headed to Platform 9 3/4 this July? Please let us know about the Hogwarts Express as well as the new exhibit. Did either or both enhance or diminish your personal, imaginative experience of the Hogwarts Saga?


  1. Miriam Watson says

    Heading in September. My kids & I have been avidly anticipating the expansion since our first trip to Hogsmeade just last May (around the same time the expansion was announced.). We plan to be there Sept. 11 & intend to start our home school year, the same way Harry & the gang start their school year, with a journey on the he Hogwarts Express in early September.

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