Allegiant 1: Delighted or Disappointed?

I was disappointed that my favorite local book store didn’t have a copy of Allegiant on Tuesday afternoon when I biked over to Full Circle to pick up the finale on the day of publication. They called later in the day to say “the afternoon truck” had brought it to Oklahoma City.

I was delighted, consequently, to purchase it the next day after work — and to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening, well past my bed time, reading Veronica Roth’s surprising conclusion to her Divergent trilogy.

In keeping with our HogPro custom of throwing up (ahem) twenty or more threads after the arrival of a much anticipated novel, let the fun begin here with you comments about your delight and/or disappointment with Allegiant. Tell us how the concluding novel met or failed to meet your expectations, what you loved, what you hated, what you wished had happened, what happened that knocked you off your tuffet.

And, then, of course, please share your thoughts after the other 19 or so threads… Feel free to talk openly about the book’s plot points and twists; if you’re reading this, it’s upon you to have read the book first or to forgo complaints about “having been spoiled.”

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