Altoona Mirror: ‘Pondering Potter’ with a Pundit

A newspaper piece about my talk last week at St. Francis University: Read the article here.

The  mistake? The Ottoway daughter is at Davidson College; my oldest is at VMI. Other than that (and Mrs. Meyer’s $750,000 advance), it’s ‘spot on.’


  1. Facebook has ruined me. I keep trying to ‘like’ a post without having to comment…

  2. LOL – I know what you mean. John, that was a great article. They really did get all the important points right. Thanks for sharing it with us. I especially like it that a ten year old who has read the books more than once got what you were talking about. I think too often people underestimate children and their ability to read beneath the surface of a book.

  3. you were in the marines?!

  4. also, tracked it to the Christianity today article. Had not read that one before, but it’s pretty good stuff. I sent it to a fairly conservative professor of mine. Home-schooling father of nine (four or so adopted). He’s really skeptical, but he’s also an incredible critical thinker. I’ve yet to see a harry-hater say I’ll read them, but he has agreed to.

    much love, brother.

  5. Arabella Figg says

    Good article and the reporter didn’t snip you down to nothing. You got to expand on the ideas and Christian symbolism.

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