Another JKR Interview: 12/30/07 (Trailer online…)

It is interesting to see the author talking in what seems to be an almost private conversation (neglecting the camera crew and others that had to have been there).

Your thoughts?


  1. I think she’s torn between wanting to leave the Hogwarts world where she left it and wanting to write the story of Albus Severus!

  2. I noticed that too – in fact, what she did write about Albus Severus in the Epilogue was probably the most “realized” of the next generation characters. The fact remains that he would make an interesting character to write about because he carries the name of two major figures in wizarding history. It could – someday – be a doorway for her to write about other characters in the Wizarding world. She may be done with Hogwarts, but perhaps she’s not quite done with the world she’s created. Albus Severus may be the doorway to that world.

    If you haven’t seen it, there is a video from the documentary of Jo Rowling returning to the flat in Edinburgh where she began to seriously write the series. I have it up at my blog, but you can also watch it at YouTube (thanks to Leaky!).


  3. In light of all our discussions here about canon/not canon, I thought it was interesting when she said she’d like to have her version be the official version, even if she doesn’t write more books, because it’s her world.

    I think we can figure out what she’d say determines canon/not canon.

    And saying that Charlie Weasley was more interested in dragons than women could probably have been phrased better… eek!

    Maybe “more interested in dragons than marriage”?

  4. JohnABaptist says

    I find it fascinating that only in the decidedly low-brow Sun do we find an interviewer sufficiently comfortable with his ego that he is willing to blend into the background and let the interviewee be the entire focus of the article.

    Would that this disease prove contagious!

  5. Agreed on all points above. Ms. Rowling seems conflicted (to put it mildly) about letting go of Potter-World. Unless she is receiving pressure from her spousal-unit and children to be done with the madness, she would be super-human if she could resist the external and somewhat corresponding internal drives to continue with a second series starring our boy Albus Severus.

  6. John and all HogPro friends,

    I don’t know how many of you keep up with HP news from the HP websites but, the HP world is all a buzz right after an interview with JKR and Time mag was released today. It quotes Jo as NOT ruling out a HP book 8!!!!!!!! In reaction no doubt to the many still unanswered questions left after book 7 and the urging from Jo’s daughter, Jessica.One article is rumoring that Jo is considering writing book 8 as a prequil to the 7 book HP series, with Harry as only a occasional figure in the book. She would no doubt be writing the history of the Marauders and the wizarding families that would lead up to the point of the rise of Voldemort and the Death-Eaters.

    Jo also stated that “if” and that is a big “if” book 8 would happen it would be about 10 years from now.

    I personally believe that Jo will have to give-in to the pressure of her fans and her own children that are big HP fans to write HP book 8, but that will not be until she is finished writing other works she is the process of writing at this time.

    Thoughts, HogPro friends????

  7. The whole show is online and excellent. Please catch it while it is still available. A post will go up next week about ‘Voldemort Daddy’ and a few Eriksonian identity thoughts.

  8. To be so immersed in Potter-world and then walk away??? Certainly not! (I mean, how many of us in the fandom have been able to leave HP alone?)

    I’m not a writer myself, but if Ms. Rowling has given her characters lives beyond Hogwarts (post LV) by filling in down-lines on a family tree, couldn’t we presume she has not come to terms with the series’ end? Hogwarts may not be her preference for setting, but the essence of Harry’s wizarding world seems yet to be purged from its creator’s vision. I get the sense that Jo is driven to find a way to bring about closure between herself and her characters but their stories are not ready to be told. I hope she keeps her heart open to them and doesn’t resist the writing process when enough of the details fall into place and the information is too much to contain!

    I agree with David; HP will return in future works. My preference would be to see not only a prequel to Sorcerer’s Stone, but a volume highlighting the 19 years between LV’s demise and the DH Epilogue would be nice.

  9. Arabella Figg says

    I couldn’t get into “the whole show” you linked above, John, without registering, which I’m unwilling to do. So I look forward to your future thread, giving details.

    In watching the The Sun video, I had a different reading, with voice intonation and body language. Yes, Jo may be conflicted and still very attached, but I sensed a sad, but sure, closing of the door as far as future novels. Or, at least, she feels so. If she does write any, I think it will be because she’s had a rest and is willing to have another go, not because she feels pressured by fans or her children. I think such pressure would make me feel resentful and that I could never do enough to satisfy, which would put my back up.

    But, looking into Madame LaScrawny’s eyes, who knows?…

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