Aurelius Dumbledore Going to Azkaban?

Looks like Ezra Miller, poster child for the telegenic teflon celebrity, may finally be going to jail. If the Credence Barebone character rises from the seeming death he is doomed to at the end of Beasts 3 — and you’ll recall the phoenix-like character did exactly that following  his MACUSA execution at the end of Beasts 1 — one has to hope that Warner Brothers or Rowling, Inc., insists on a switch of the actor involved. I doubt that this thespian will be as hard to replace with a quality equivalent as was Richard Harris, the first and true silver-screen Albus Dumbledore, may he rest in peace.

Of course, if Credence goes through sufficient story-chrysalis transformation before his next appearance in the Beasts franchise, perhaps Michael Gambon is available. 

For more on the Miller cascade of woe and self-destruction, go here and here. His arraignment on these latest charges is 26 September.

Just in! Beatrice Groves’ piece on Secrets of Dumbledore, ‘Exit Pursued by Qilin: The Stage Directions of The Secrets of Dumbledore,’ is the cover article in the latest issue of The Rowling Library Magazine. Check that out for some mental floss to clear your head of the news above as well as insights about all things Fantastic Beasts: