BBC1 ‘Career of Evil’ Trailer Released

Anyone else think that the BBC’s Jeff Whittaker favors Keith Richards?

Anyone else wonder why we don’t get even the hint of a wedding in Massham? of Elin?

Anyone else wish that Robert Glennister, the voice of the audio books, could speak for all the characters in this teevee adaptation, especially for Cormoran Strike?

Should we expect a publication date for Lethal White in the run-up to this release or in the aftermath?

The show will premiere Sunday, 25 February, in the UK (and maybe in the US the next day if our friend in Iraq who has posted them on YouTube in the past follows through). 

Lemmeno what you think of the trailer hints and teases in the comment boxes below! We’ll be writing about Career and Lethal White in the coming week to get you ready.

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